Tories refuse to publish Brexit warnings claiming people would ‘misunderstand’

Tory chiefs are refusing to publish a dire leaked warning about No Deal Brexit – claiming people would "misunderstand".

Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly has refused Jeremy Corbyn's demand to make a bombshell warning from the government's Operation Yellowhammer public.

Mr Corbyn said the document – partially revealed in the Sunday Times – must be published in full “if the Government wants to be believed that it doesn’t represent the real impact".

He said Boris Johnson, who claimed the paper seen by ministers just three weeks ago was out of date, "can't be trusted".

But Mr Cleverly today refused calls to publish the document.

Asked why it couldn't be published, he told BBC Breakfast: "Because it’s an internal document for the government. It’s not a series of predictions.

"And the fact that we’re having this conversation shows that people misunderstand the nature of that document.

"I think as he does with many other things, Jeremy Corbyn has misunderstood what this is."

Separately, a massive government-funded advertising blitz to inform the public of the risks of No Deal will begin within weeks.

The campaign with adverts across the media is expected to cost £138million.

The briefing said petrol and medical supplies could be disrupted and up to 85% of lorries using Channel ports may not be ready for French customs checks – with delays lasting formonths.

It added 15,000 workers who cross daily from Spain to Gibraltar face delays of more than four hours “at least for a few months”.

It said some supplies of fresh food will fall with hundreds of thousands of customers affected by water supplies.

It added 300 foreign boats could be illegally fishing in UK waters after October 31, risking clashes at sea.

And it said the “fragile” care industry could be hit by rising inflation and small operators could collapse within three months.

But Mr Cleverly said: “I know that document intimately and it’s based on worst case scenarios.”

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