Lib Dem Davey rocked as BBC QT audience turn on him after viewer makes shock Brexit point

Mr Davey looked sheepish as one member of the audience questioned as to why the public should vote for a party that wants to “cancel Brexit”. The lady in the Southampton audience questioned whether the Liberal Democrats were in fact “discrediting” the will of Brexiteers who voted to leave.

She said: “It’s quite funny that the Liberal Democrats have just said that their new slogan is ‘cancel Brexit’.

“Isn’t that kind of discrediting the will of 17.4 million people?

“And if so, why should we vote for that?”

The audience then erupted and applauded the young woman for her candid questioning of the Lib Dem’s skewed Brexit policy.

Mr Davey responded: “The Liberal Democrats have been clear in the referendum and since the referendum that we are against Brexit.

“We have campaigned to stop Brexit and in doing so we have wanted to make sure that it was done in a democratic way.

“So, we have campaigned for a People’s Vote.”

The audience then erupted into mocking laughter as host Fiona Bruce interrupted.

She said: “Ed, that cannot be the response you want to get when you say that.”

However, Mr Davey ignored the audience and Ms Bruce and continued to explain the Lib Dems’ anti-Brexit policy.

He said: “Well, I’m going to continue because it’s true.

“We campaigned for a People’s Vote.

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“We still want a People’s Vote.

“We want you, the people, to have the final say.”

Audience members then began shouting at Mr Davey while he tried to continue his point.

He continued: “We want you to have the final say on whether Brexit should go ahead.

“And what we’ve said in the latest position is if the other parties prevent that referendum from happening – which it looks like they don’t want that referendum – you have to ask yourself why.

“If that People’s Vote doesn’t happen and we have a General Election, then if we win a majority – and I accept there will have to be a political earthquake for us to win a majority – but if it happened we believe we’d have a democratic mandate to stop Brexit on day one.

“In the European Elections we said every vote is a vote to stop Brexit.

“And look at what happened.

“We beat the Labour Party and the Conservative Party for the first time in a UK-wide election in a hundred years.”

Mr Davey concluded by saying that a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote to stop Brexit.

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