Sen. Lindsey Graham on FBI use of discredited Steele dossier, questions for Sally Yates

Sen. Lindsey Graham on FBI use of discredited Steele dossier, questions for Sally Yates

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham joins Sean Hannity to discuss the origins of the Russia investigation.

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right, Tucker. Thank you. Great show as always. Welcome to "Hannity."

Tonight, we've got a busy night. Buckle up. We are tracking multiple breaking stories, including bombshell new revelations from the Durham probe. We're getting there.

We also bring you the very latest progress in a race for COVID-19 vaccine. A lot of hope again tonight in the battle against this, quote, invisible enemy.

And coming up tonight, we'll have an exclusive interview with the Missouri Governor Mike Parson. He is now vowing to pardon Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Yeah, they were just charged with felonies for illegal weapon, for trying to defend their home when no police were there.

And later, we'll have the very latest on the barely there. That's a corrupt Biden's full embrace of, let's see, Bolshevik Bernie's insane socialist agenda and AOC's insane New Green Deal and oh, yeah, confiscate your guns Beto Bozo and Pelosi and Schumer and Biden 120 years of broken promises and failure.

If these insane policies are adopted in 106 days, if they win, watch the race to exit the United States. In fact, we are seeing this play out right now in real-time in America's cities. Obama-Biden, they did nothing for eight years in Obama's hometown of Chicago. They barely mentioned it. You know, wrecked by violence week in and week out, they barely talked about it.

We have Pelosi. We have Schumer. We have Biden, 125 years of swamp failure. They've done nothing to quell inner-city violent crime anywhere in America, nothing to fix the broken dilapidated disgusting and repulsive educational system. They have failed America's children.

We have far left mayors. They have ruled the cities for decades. They have completely failed their citizens. The only time they shine a light on someone's death, they ignore the 99.9 percent of deaths. They only talk about it, cherry-pick it if it fits their sick political agenda.

Hundreds are shot in Chicago every single week. Same with New York, now Seattle and Portland.

Guess what? You think Joe Biden knows these names? Those are our fellow Americans. Do you think Mayor Lightfoot knows those names? Because only if it helps them politically do they pay attention.

So, let's be very clear tonight as we begin this week. Democrats, they have failed America's cities — decades of rule, decades of failure. They have put ideology over law and order and security and safety. And as a result, our fellow Americans are suffering.

Just look what happened this weekend. More sad, preventable, unnecessary violence, destruction and chaos. This is preventable. We can stop it.

The president is pledging now to step in and end the war zones and they are trying to kick him out saying clean up the graffiti and get the hell out of here. Take a look.


HANNITY: What you're watching is every weekend. It's the tip of the iceberg. We can announce this and we often do, every Monday.

Where's the mob and the media? Why, it doesn't fit their political agenda? Most violence never captured on tape.

Over the weekend in Baltimore, you know, the same Baltimore, third highest per capita spending in the industrialized world, 13 public high schools, not one child, not one American child proficient in math — well, three were killed there. Six wounded during shootings all over the city. In the once great city of Detroit, they recorded 15 shootings, stabbing calls, including two quadruple shootings.

And look at this headline from St. Louis — shooting, stabbings, robberies, a busy night for St. Louis police.

In Chicago, wow, a whopping 70 people were shot. Somebody needs to ask Chuck and Joe and Pelosi and Bozo and AOC and Bolshevik Bernie, do they know their names? Ten were murdered this weekend in Chicago.

On Sunday, a memorial service was held for a man who was shot and killed in South Side of Chicago. During that service, three more people were shot, including two more kids. One was 10 years old and was 11 years old. Two little kids shot — sadly unacceptable acts of violence now routine in liberal cities across the country.

We see this every single weekend. It's a massive scale. The president's right. This is a war zone. This is our American treasure, our children are being murdered.

But the far left so-called protesters in Chicago, they are more interested in toppling a statue of Christopher Columbus. Look at your screen.

In this incident, Eighteen police officers were injured on top of what, the 1,300 other police officers injured, the 12, 14 now dead, in this case and a gray mob started throwing frozen water bottles, rocks, brick, fireworks and other projectiles at police officers trying to do their job and keep law and order.

One local alderman is slamming the Chicago Mayor Lightfoot on Twitter for all but ignoring an attack on his office. The alderman's name, Raymond Lopez, tweeting, quote, when you, mayor, refused to call out terror attacks in our communities, elected officials, criminals, they only feel more emboldened.

Now, as Mayor Lightfoot flounders just like Rahm "Rahmbo" "Dead Fish" Emanuel before, well, President Trump, he's now vowing to take action and fix their mess. According to reports, the Department of Homeland Security is drying up lance to send around 150 federal agents to Chicago. Now, they weren't particularly welcomed in Oregon and Portland they were told by the governor, go home, but first, clean up their graffiti.

Multiple federal buildings under attack during weeks and weeks of violent riots. Federal courthouse has been firebombed on multiple occasions. The building exterior now covered in graffiti.

Last night in a powerful moment, several people trying to stop the anarchist and rioters from attacking this building yet again. It seems if they had their way, they'd probably do what they did in the CHOP, CHAZ spaghetti potlucks dinner summer of love zone, and that's take control of it, or burn it down like they did in New York. Take a look.


UNIDENTIIED MALE: If you stand for justice, come here and stand with me. Stand with me because I'm here for justice. I'm not here to tear down (EXPLETIVE DELETED) not here to spray paint. It's going on every day.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: None of you guys represent black lives.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This delegitimizes the movement.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Listen, I represent a black person right now. This doesn't have anything to do with state of my life. If you don't understand that, you're part of the problem.


HANNITY: Despite the constant chaos, Portland's local Democratic politicians have failed to protect their city and now are demanding all federal law enforcement leave town. Another genius idea just like defunding the police, bizarre tweet.

You got Nancy Pelosi, the speaker in the House, really speak in name only – – calling them stormtroopers.

It is now more clear than ever, Democrats seem totally fine with lawlessness is a new normal in America. In fact, many are fully supporting it.

Biden, whether he likes to admit it or not, he used the words police have now become the enemy of the people they are supposed to protect. Enthusiastically agreeing that funds should be diverted away from law enforcement, reallocated is the word he uses, even saying, yes, I don't like the word define but reallocating is the same darn thing, isn't it?

Which brings us to a question that I've asked many times. In 106 days, America, you the American people, you are the ultimate jury. And if Biden and Pelosi and Schumer and AOC, Bolshevik Bernie, and Beto Bozo, they implement their plans — let me ask you a question: who will you call when the police have been defunded and dismantled?

Take a look.


POLITICAL AD: Hello. You've reached 911. I'm sorry that there's no one here to answer your emergency call. Leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


HANNITY: Here with reaction, Fox News contributor Dan Bongino, host of "The Rubin Report", Dave Rubin.

Dave, let me start with you tonight.

What's interesting — a couple of incidents happen this weekend. I'll tell you about a case in Portland, an African-American man with an American flag stands against the protesters tearing down a fence. Then an African- American woman dumped paint on one of the Black Lives Matter, a couple of the murals in New York City.

We want our police. Refund the police. Sort of like with Goya. There was the boycott and then the buy-cott that I support. I don't support boycotts. That to me tells me a lot because now this entire has pivoted.

Safety, security, radical socialism, radical environmentalism versus free market capitalism and a great economy Donald Trump created.

DAVE RUBIN, "THE RUBIN REPORT" HOST : It's crazy to think about that that's really what this has boiled down. You know, I did a little Googling before the show and, Sean, you were born in New York city. I know Dan was born in Queens and I was born in Brooklyn, OK?

So, you got the three boroughs right there. There is no panel on television that loves the great city of New York more than the three of us, right? And do we want federal troops in New York? Of course, we don't.

But if the mayor himself, de Blasio, and by the way, this goes, of course, for the mayors of Los Angeles, Chicago, a couple of other adversities you mentioned, if they won't do their job, then Trump has got to do something. And we discussed it a couple weeks ago. Maybe partly with a progressive mayors are doing here is laying a trap so that Trump puts, you know, puts law enforcement in there, federal officers, so it makes him look like the authoritarian that they want him to look like.

But I think the average person of its either my city is going to burn or were going to have to send the feds into fix it, they will choose the side of law and order. And, you know, just think back to what New York City was like before Mayor Giuliani. I'm sure many people remember David Dinkins, who is the progressive, and the entire city was a disaster of crime and drugs, and Times Square, it became a joke. Everybody knows about it.

And then what did Giuliani do? He came in, he cleaned it up and New York had about 15 great years. So, it can be fixed but politicians have to have the will to do it.

HANNITY: Well, they have to have the will.

Dan Bongino, we are up to how many police dead? Is it 12? Is it 14? We now have bricks, bottles, rocks, Molotov cocktails, knives and guns being used against the police. We lost two more police officers this weekend.

They now have handcuffs on, they are afraid to do their job. Mass retirement and I'm advising people guys, if your passion in your calling in life has been a cop, I don't know if it's good idea anymore because I don't off you'll be able to do your job without getting the crap beat out of you, or water dumped on you or being attacked anymore. Considering Joe says you're the enemy.

DAN BONGINO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes. Sean, I just got off the phone about half an hour before I came on your show with Lieutenant Richie Mack. He was on "FOX and Friends" this morning. He was the lieutenant was bashing the face with brass knuckles. They almost took his eyeball out.


BONGINO: He was in the hospital. You know I'm talking about, bleeding from his face in the picture "The New York Post." I was a cop with Richie Mack. I promise all your listeners, he's a real guy and a real man with a real heart who spent 25 years of his life in public service.


HANNITY: Hey, Dan, I want to interrupt you.


HANNITY: We are showing — watch this video here. The guy in the white, you know, will re-rack. Boom, windup, blindside him, he could've killed him. And then we are showing other videos. The rocks, bricks, molotov cocktails, projectiles fired at cops. We'll keep burning them both.

Go ahead.

BONGINO: Yes. And you know what the irony is of that, Sean, something I learned today from Rich, they were there to protect a peaceful protest across the bridge and got attacked for that.

So, I just want America to understand, this election is a binary choice. There is no third party candidate. We haven't had that since Ross Perot. It's a binary choice and your choices this. Donald Trump, the obstacle between you and the mob, or Joe Biden and total complete chaos.

Does anyone with a straight face actually believe Joe Biden has the guts or the smarts to stick up with these big city mayors who have just dominated American politics right now and who have turned their cities over to the criminals in the chaos? The answer is obviously of course he doesn't. Trump is the only thing standing in the way.

HANNITY: OK. And who are you going to call?

We are going to show an ad put out by the Trump campaign in just a second.

Dan, thank you. Dave Rubin, thank you.

Biden's platform, it should make every American worried. You need to pay attention to this. A lot of us on the line, 106 days, that is going to go by very quickly.

Instead of trying to trying to appeal to centrist voters in independence, this is something pretty spectacular, unique and I believe it's all done out of fear and weakness by the Biden campaign. Biden now has to spend all of his time and energy accommodating the most radical elements of his own party. The Bernie people don't love him, so he's had to take on Bernie's economic plan, wholeheartedly agreeing that yeah, oh, yeah, no, the police have now become the enemy and we have to reallocate the funds away. Divert them, defund. He just doesn't like the word.

Literally letting Bernie write his economic policies, AOC is in charge of his environmental task force. He's pledging trillions of dollars. Bozo O'Rourke, his guns czar, the guy's going to knock on doors and take your guns.

Who's going to defend you? Chuck, Nancy, ready, willing to ram anything through the socialist want through Congress. Maybe that's why the far left members of the Democratic Party just can't stop comparing Biden to Bolshevik Bernie because he needs Bernie badly, because Bernie's people are not loving him. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now you ran very much as a new progressive here in New York. How would you say or politics aligned with that of the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden?

JAMAAL BOWMAN, D-CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE: You know, I think we aligned a lot more than people give us credit for. You know, the Bernie Sanders-Joe Biden alliance came together, to draft policy platforms together, and I'm very happy to see that Joe Biden is a lot more focused on environmental justice and climate change than maybe he was before. So, I'm excited to see that happening.


HANNITY: As we speak, many Americans rightfully questioning Biden's lack of oh, let's see, mental alertness and stamina and strength for the toughest job in the world. Radical left, they see it as an opportunity control policy and the White House. I guess they're not wrong. They'll control Biden. That's even scarier.

If Biden is elected, this country and those policies are put in place. America will be unrecognizable. No more capitalism. No more energy independence.

Amnesty, the united sanctuary states of America, basically confiscate most of what you were, takeover industries, not going to be good. Taxes way up, business is regulated to death.

Private insurance, how did that Obamacare keep your doctor plan and save $2,500 a year work? Not well.

Local police, see you, goodbye. Borders, yeah, wide open. Amnesty for anybody. A recipe for disaster. Financially, it is mathematically — Democrats clearly don't believe in math or science because — fiscally impossible.

And guess what? You, the American people, are the only thing standing in the way. A hundred and six days, America, the world is on the brink.

Here now, two former White House press secretary, Fox News contributors Ari Fleischer, Sarah Sanders.

All right, Ari, let's start where I'm saying this race has fundamentally changed based on Biden's comments about the police now becoming the enemy, reallocating funds. To me, that's defund. He's adopted Bernie, AOC, Bozo, and 125 years of failure of Biden, Pelosi, Schumer.

Am I wrong?

ARI FLEISCHER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes. In a traditional campaign, Sean, you're 100 percent right. Those vulnerabilities Joe Biden has would normally be dogging him and weighing them down. What's different this year, I submit to you, Sean, is COVID.

So much of what the president's message that he wants to get through is not penetrating. It's not making the race about Biden. So far, it is still a referendum on how President Trump has handled COVID.

Until he gets a handle on COVID, it's going to be very hard for him to define Joe Biden. Sorry to say it, but that's my view.

HANNITY: Let me go, the president tweeted out today, everyone is telling me, masks are patriotic.

So, the president, CDC just last week, Sarah, said, hey, you know why. By the way, let's backtrack. Everybody got everything wrong. The models were wrong. I happen to be a fan of Dr. Fauci. I have deep respect for him.

It is — it wasn't his fault. China lied to the world, but it was — people were saying in late March, masks don't work. Don't use mask. OK, I think they were wrong.

I've been encouraging people because I selfishly want to go to baseball games but more importantly I don't want, if I get the virus, to get mom and grandma and grandpa and dad sick.

That's my own personal choice. I don't think you mandated. I think we highly encourage it and the president did that today.

SARAH SANDERS, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Absolutely, and I think he was right to encourage people to take personal responsibility. And we should encourage people to keep doing it.

There's nothing wrong with wearing a mask. I think you're exactly right. Let's protect those that are vulnerable around us. If we have the ability to do that, let's do it.

At the same time, we don't need government dictating every single move we make. Right now, we are looking at I think one of the clearest contrasts coming up in 2020. Do we want government running everything apart or lives or do we want them allowing us to be what makes America great, and that's having freedom and prosperity?

I think one of the things that the president is doing right, right now, is making very clear that he's a president of law and order. What's taking place in these Democrat-run cities is absolutely tragic and shouldn't go on. And I'm glad that we have a president that's willing to stand up to the liberal mob and do his job.

One of the number one priority of the government and particularly of the president is to keep Americans safe. He's the only one that's talking about how he's going to do that and actually taking action to do it, and I think he's smart to do that. But I also think we need to continue to encourage people to take personal responsibility and do our very best to protect those that are vulnerable around us.

HANNITY: Let's put up the president's tweet. People are going to look at it. This answers Ari's question.

You know, we are the United States. In an effort to defeat the invisible China virus, many people say it's patriotic to wear a face mask, when you can't socially distance. There is nobody more patriotic than your favorite president. And the president tweets out a picture of the mask. He wore the mask.

By the way, the two people who don't need to worry about wearing mask are the president and Joe Biden, because you can get around either of them unless you're tested.

Putting that aside. Now I want to ask you about the issue of law and order and safety and security. Ari, this is the ad that was put out by the campaign of the president earlier today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Seattle's pledge to defund its police department by 50 percent, even including a proposal to remove 911 dispatcher's from police control.

HANNITY: Joe Biden said he is absolutely on board with defunding the police. Listen closely.


911: Hello, you've reached 91. I'm sorry there's no one here to answer your emergency call. Leave a message and we will get back to her soon as we can.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Crime will rise significantly.

CHYRON: You won't be safe in Joe Biden's America.

TRUMP: I'm Donald J. Trump —


HANNITY: Now the police have become the enemy when they are supposed to protect the people and are you in favor of reallocating these funds? Yes, I am.

That sounds like defund to me, Ari Fleischer. I don't feel safe in Joe Biden's America, if that's his plan.

FLEISCHER: No question, Joe Biden, has boarded the train to redirect funds away from the police department and put into other activities, including housing. Ask any police department where those cuts will come from. They will come from the number of police on the street.

Now, this is the same Joe Biden who has walked away from his support of the crime bill and if you remember, one of the greatest bragging points of the Biden administration under President Clinton was they put 100,000 cops on the street.


HANNITY: Ari, may I be rude? He said people were predators.

FLEISCHER: Go ahead.

HANNITY: He also said in the battle over integration of schools, I don't want my kids in a racial jungle. His words.

FLEEISCHER: Yes, that's right, and that's why he's got a weakness particularly among younger African-Americans that Donald Trump is going to do better with.

But the bigger point here is there's a huge vulnerability for Joe Biden on public safety. And who's the greatest people who benefit from public safety? This is the president's huge opportunity in Chicago. It's the black community, it's poor people, it's people whose neighborhoods have been neglected. Who can do the most protect their lives? That's what I would love to see. I know the answer is not Joe Biden.

HANNITY: Should he go in, should he bail out Chicago and Portland and Seattle and New York City when they won't protect innocent people?

FLEISCHER: Well, the issue of protecting federal facilities like a courthouse when a city won't do it, absolutely.

HANNITY: That's about the city, what about where the murders are happening?


FLEISCHER: He should be going into neighborhoods in Chicago.

Yes, the issue of going into neighborhoods is very different because what authority does the federal government have there and especially if the city won't support it? I think what you do is embarrass the mayors, you embarrass the councilmen and you say, why aren't you protecting your own people? People, turn to us. Turn to me. We will protect you.

That's what Donald Trump should be doing.

HANNITY: All right, Sarah, I'm going to give you both 20 seconds each. What would you advise the president tonight, 106 days out?

SANDERS: Well, I think Ari is exactly right. He needs to lean and then be the president that can keep Americans safe. As a mom of three young children, I don't want my kids growing up in Joe Biden's America where there is no one to call when they need help and under President Trump, I think every parent can go to sleep at night knowing that the president of the United States is doing literally everything he can to keep them safe.

That's his number one duty, number one obligation.


SANDERS: He should be reminded people of that, but do it in a way that's compassionate. Talk about how he cares about the people and remind them of that being the core of who he is and one of the things that he ran on in 2016 and helped him get elected.

HANNITY: Final 20 seconds, Ari Fleischer. Advice?

FLEISCHER: For the president that as much as you want to talk about the economy and public safety, people won't be as open to listening to it until and unless you deal with COVID first. And that means the next two to three weeks, go out to all the places in America that you are sending federal resources to help the hot spots. Next time nurses and doctors get sent in, go see them off. When trucks are rolling with medicine that the government is providing, see off those trucks and give a speech.

Put the president in the heart and center of the federal government's response. Once people see he's taking care of COVID, his message is going to then be much better heard.

HANNITY: All right, Ari, Sarah, good to see you both. Thank you.

When we come back, Lindsey Graham live breaking news on who is calling for the deep state to testify. He's calling somebody big soon.

And you don't want to miss, by the way, breaking news tonight — felony charges filed against the McCloskeys, that couple right there guarding their home. The Missouri governor says he will pardon them. He joins us with an exclusive interview next.


HANNITY: The Russia hoax is now unraveling as much as ever and the deep state is on the defensive. Friday, Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, his judiciary committee released declassified documents showing what we had been reporting. The FBI not only had serious doubts about the claims made in Christopher Steele's dirty Russian dossier of misinformation that Hillary paid for.

By the way, White House chief of staff Mark Meadows says its time for indictments. He's right. The time is coming. Take a look.


MARK MEADOWS, WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF: Well, I think the American people expect indictments. I know I expect indictments based on the evidence I'm seen. Lindsey Graham did a good job eating that out. You're going to see a couple other documents come out in the coming days that will suggest that not only was the campaign spied on, but the FBI did not act appropriately, as they were investigating.


HANNITY: Remember, we now know that by early 2017, the FBI knew without any doubt whatsoever that dossier Hillary paid for with Russian lies and Comey, McCabe, the rest of the deep state, they kept using it for one size application after another. They knew it was false, premeditated fraud.

Now we learn Friday, Peter Strzok appears to have realized well, deep state day of reckoning was on the horizon as the disgraced FBI agent lashing out through his lawyer and Senator Graham following the latest revelations.

Here with more, Senator Lindsey Graham.

You know, Senator, I guess —


HANNITY: — we know they were warned before the first FISA application.


HANNITY: We know McCabe said, without the dirty dossier, there would be no FISA warrant issued.

GRAHAM: Right.

HANNITY: But he said that to the House Intel Committee. Now, we know that Kathleen Kavalec, we know that Bruce Ohr warned them before the first one. They signed it.

Then we had a sub source in January said, no, that was all bar talk.

GRAHAM: Right, right.

HANNITY: Now, you have a new document mostly unredacted, there's little too many redactions for my liking. Tell us what you found.

GRAHAM: Well, I found a memo that was put together after the interview with the Russian sub source. You said it well, Sean, without the Russian dossier, they couldn't obtain a warrant.

They tried to get a FISA warrant against Carter Page and it was rejected. They find the dossier and, all of a sudden, they get a warrant.

Horowitz said without the dossier, there's no warrant. So from January 24th to January 27th, the FBI interviews the Russian sub source who put the dossier together. They created a 40-page memo showing it was a bunch of garbage, not reliable at all.

Here's the question. How could it be they continue to use the dossier in April and June of 2017 knowing that in January, the dossier was completely discredited by the person who put it together?

Here's the question for me. Did the intel analyst who wrote the memo tell anybody of the chain, all by the way our case just fell apart? I find it almost impossible to believe that senior people at the FBI were not told that in January 2017, the case fell apart against Carter Page.

HANNITY: OK. Now, if that's the case –now I don't know. You are the attorney, Lindsey, but that confirms completely even Strzok knew.

GRAHAM: Yes. So I can–

HANNITY: But they did it anyway. What happens to Americans when they lie to a court and they know they're lying to a court?

GRAHAM: You should go to jail. To get a warrant, the court relies on affidavits signed by law enforcement officials. So, in August 5th, I'm calling Sally Yates. She was the number two at the Justice Department. On August 5th, she will come before our committee and I appreciate her voluntarily coming.

Remember on January 4th, 2017, the FBI agents involved on the ground said, let's drop Flynn from Crossfire Hurricane. We found no evidence at all that he was working with the Russians. Let's take him out of the investigation.

That's when Strzok tells those people, no, the seventh floor wants to keep going. So, the next day, January 5th, they meet with President Obama and Vice President Biden to continue to surveil General Flynn.

And here's what's shocking. Sally Yates, the number two at the Justice Department, did not even know they were following Flynn but Obama did. And here's three things I want to ask her: If you knew then what you know now, would you have signed the warrant application against Carter Page? Did you hear Joe Biden say, what about the Logan Act when it comes to General Flynn? And is it true that you were surprised the president knew about the surveillance of Flynn and you did not?

HANNITY: We already know the answers to all those, Senator Graham.

Here's the next step in all this.

GRAHAM: We haven't heard it yet.

HANNITY: OK, but we know she — we already know what we knew about the January 5th meeting.


HANNITY: Now, I am told —

GRAHAM: She hasn't testified in person but she will soon.

HANNITY: I am told that we now believe we have found not only the person that was the main source for the dirty Russian Steele dossier, you're smiling. That means I'm probably over the target.

And I've also heard that there are people that are good, the 99 percent within the FBI community, the world's premier law enforcement agency, and the CIA, the world's premier intelligence agency, the 99 percent of good people. They are now beginning to talk and they are beginning to tell about stories that they warned everybody not to do certain things, and they were ignored, which means that's even worse than we thought.

GRAHAM: The walls are closing in. People are beginning to talk. Remember in the affidavit, somebody told the court the sub source, the Russian guy, was truthful and cooperative.

Nothing could have been more untrue than that. He was truthful but he destroyed the reliability of the dossier. They misled the court.

If you can find the person who said that, you're off to the races. It's impossible they wrote this 40-page memo and didn't share it with people at the top.

And here's what Peter Strzok said in February 2017: Again, we are unaware of any Trump advisors engaging in conversation with Russian intelligence officials.

This is in February 2017. Here's the question. Why the hell was Mueller appointed to begin with if in February, they had no evidence of Trump officials talking to the Russians, working with them? What happened between February and May of 2017?

HANNITY: Lindsey Graham, by the way, I'm so sorry to hear. I know Rosie O'Donnell and Barbra Streisand and Hillary Clinton donated millions to your opponent. I know the people of South Carolina are going to be very influenced by the millions of Barbra Streisand and Rosie and Hillary, you know? I'm really worried about that for you.

All right, Senator. Thank you.

GRAHAM: Thank you very much for your concern. Thank you.

HANNITY: So concerned. Oh, I'm sweating. The vapors.

All right. Coming up, breaking tonight. Now, remember that St. Louis couple defending their home from protesters? Remember the guys that broke down the gate and started making threats towards them? Because we've interviewed them.

Well, guess what? The prosecutor has now charged that couple with felonies. The Missouri governor is going to join us. He says he will pardon them.

Wow, that exclusive interview, next.


HANNITY: Welcome back.

Breaking tonight, Missouri couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey, remember they were defending their home against violent protesters? They have now been charged with felony, unlawful use of a weapon by Democratic circuit attorney Kim Gardner. I recently sat down with the McCloskeys for their side of the story just to remind you.


MARK MCCLOSKEY, ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI RESIDENT: It was shocking. I mean, the gate came in. Seemingly everybody in the world came forward literally I think the estimate was 300 to 500 people, came right towards us. We were having — preparing to have dinner on the porch and we were literally maybe 70 feet from the gate. By the time we got our guns, by the time I got my gun, the crowd was maybe 30 or 40 feet from us.


HANNITY: All right. Missouri Governor Mike Parson believes the McCloskeys did — quote, did what they legally should do to protect themselves. So, will he pardon the McCloskeys?

The governor of Missouri joins us now.

Governor, good to see you, sir. Thank you for being with us.

By the way, you have 22 years in law enforcement, is that correct, sir?

GOV. MIKE PARSON, R-MISSOURI: That's right, Sean. I have.

HANNITY: Thank you for your service protecting and serving. It's an honorable profession. The 99 percent that put their lives on the line deserve our heartfelt appreciation.

There were no police this night. The gate was broken down. The McCloskeys described in detail specific threats made against them. They were protecting their home and their property. They've already gone in and taken their weapons away and now, they're going to charge them.

Will you pardon them?

PARSON: Without a doubt, Sean. I will do everything within the constitution of the state of Missouri to protect law-abiding citizens and those people are exactly that. They are law-abiding citizens, and they're being attacked frankly by a political process that's really unfortunate.

It's a sad day for us here in Missouri. They had every right to protect their property, their home, just like any of us would. If you had a mob coming towards us, whether they tore down a gate or not, when they come on your property, they don't have a right to do that in an aggressive manner.

And people have a right to protect their selves, their families, and their property. That's the Castle Doctrine in the state of Missouri and this is why this is such an important case. The prosecutor we're talking about —


HANNITY: Yes, go ahead, sir. I'm sorry. Go ahead.

PARSON: The prosecutor in St. Louis, I think it's important to realize, we had 135 homicides in St. Louis since the first of the year. Of that, she's filed 30 cases of 135, around 20 percent, and says she doesn't have the time, she doesn't have resources.

And yet, she go out here and charged innocent citizens, private citizens that have — our law-abiding citizens, haven't violated the law. You charged people like that. I mean, it just defies common sense why any elected official would do such a thing.

HANNITY: When you combine your experience in law enforcement and you mention the Castle Doctrine and I'll cite Missouri law — by the way, Missouri and I had cousins, Missouri — Missouri, Missouri, that was a big argument in my family.

But you can use physical force to stop stealing, property damage, or tampering in any degree. There were no police there governor that night. The gate was broken down. The family described in specificity and detail, very — that's going to be my room, and we're going to kill your animals and — you know, very threatening.

The legal — the weapons were legal. I don't know what people are supposed to do under those circumstances. We see this now happening around the country.

My question to you as the governor, why do these governors in, for example, Portland and the governor of Oregon, the mayor of Portland, the mayor of Chicago, governor of Chicago, New York's mayor and governor, the president keeps offering help to restore law and order. People are dying. Cops are, you know, 1,300 cops hurt.

Why would they reject that opportunity to be helped?

PARSON: Yes, because they have a total socialist agenda. What they are trying to do is why they're not doing that. I mean, the president of the United States reached out to me and says, hey, governor, how can I help you and what fashions can I help? We had a great conversation.

He sent over 200 FBI agents to the state of Missouri to help us with some of the violent crime problems we have.

Defunding the police, getting rid of the police is just the opposite. We need to be doing is we need to be backing up our men and women out there sacrifice their lives every day. We need (ph) to put more officers on the ground to attack violent criminals in the state.

And we can see these, quote, peaceful protesters, they quote (ph) to be, but we know there's violence behind them. We know there's people involved in crime almost everywhere we see a protest. And we've got to stand up for that and the president is trying to do that.

We, governors, that understand how important it is, me personally because I've spent in law enforcement for 22 years, I'm going to step up for the — I'm going to stand up for these men and women every day that risked their lives for me and all the other Missouri citizens.


HANNITY: And that — when I was going after the deep state and those that abuse their power, I always made a distinction, the 99 percent. That's that button.

Last question, is — I had a source telling me that when the protesters went back to the McCloskeys' home, that there was — there was no local police present, but the president had sent in some support. Is there any truth to that?

PARSON: Well, I think the president — the conversation I had with him last week was really about what we do if they do file charges? What do we do with his rogue prosecutor? I think that was a conversation I had last week.


PARSON: I think the resources are there to help the McCloskeys or anybody else in the state of Missouri. It was unfortunate the way that all unfolded, but here's one thing I just want to make sure everybody knows, they had every right to do that under the law of Missouri, under the Constitution and frankly of the United States. They have every right to protect their selves and their property and their families, whatever that might be.

And again, you just got a mob mentality out there night after night going across this country. And at some point, it's got to end. At some point, people's got to stand up for the every day citizens.

HANNITY: Governor, thank you for your service, number one. Serving and protecting, number two. Thank you for standing up for the rule of law, and we appreciate you taking time and explain it to us tonight.

Thank you, sir. You're making the right decision.

PARSON: Thank you, Sean. Keep up the good work.

HANNITY: Thank you.

When we come back, Leo Terrell and Dan Bongino reacting to this story and more, McCloskeys charged with felony — straight ahead.


HANNITY: Like we just reported, so-called protesters, they broke down a gate in a private community, surrounded a home, threatened the people who live there, but it's Mark and Patricia McCloskey, they are now facing felony charges tonight after I would argue the police came in and illegally took their legal guns. Why? Because they dared to stand guard outside their home to protect their home and family, in order to ward off those making threats against them that they explained on this show.

Now, if it's illegal to guard your home in St. Louis, is anyone going to be safe anymore, especially in this day and era of defunding the police?

As you just heard and are expensive interview, the Missouri Governor Mike Parson, he said he'll be issuing a pardon.

Here with more, we have Fox News contributor Dan Bongino, civil rights attorney Leo Terrell.

You know, Leo, the gun was legal but they went and confiscated it? No police showed up that night when they broke into the — broke down the gate and went into that community. The family described in detail the threats against them. And now they take their guns and now they have a rogue prosecutor.

What do we the people supposed to do when people you know breaking our neighborhoods and are threatening us? What are people to do?

LEO TERRELL, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: Yes, Sean, I — I was watching the interview and I was so angry. I wish — I would have two wishes. I wish I could go to Missouri, represent that family, and then run against that left-wing Democratic prosecutor.

This case is so outrageous. You look at all these individuals who are committing crimes and basically getting away with it. They're hurting police officers, they are robbing, stealing.

And that prosecutor, I would love to run against her. I would love to move to Missouri.

And here's the problem. It seems like the Democrats will do nothing. On the Democratic network, they had softball questions handed to Joe Biden tonight. He won't answer questions about the lawlessness in these cities run by Democratic mayors and by the city prosecutor.

It is outrageous. I really feel for that family. If there's anything I can do to help that family and defeat that prosecutor, I'm going to start working on that night. It's ridiculous. Bravo for the governor.

HANNITY: You know, Dan, I don't know what people would do. I mean, Joe Biden says the police have now become the enemy of the people they are supposed to protect. I don't believe that. I think 99 percent of cops. Leo thinks it's 98. He thinks it might be wrong, are good people, they protect and serve.


HANNITY: You work with them. What do people do, Dan? How do they protect themselves?

BONGINO: Sean, the same way the McCloskeys did. There's no violation of the law here. Prosecutor Kim Gardner is an intergalactic embarrassment who, Sean, is about to be humiliated on an international scale, like you've never seen. She has no case.

Did you read the letter? The letter is very clear. She recommends, Sean, a pretrial diversion into a program meaning what? She knows she has — Kim Gardner is lucky she doesn't get prosecuted for malicious prosecution. I'm not kidding, Sean. This case is that bad.

There's no conflict of rights here, right? They have the right to defend themselves, and the protesters have the right to assemble peaceably. They can do that.

HANNITY: I've got to run.

Hey, Dan, Leo is voting for Trump.

TERRELL: I'm voting for Trump.

BONGINO: Leo 2.0, it's the greatest revelation —


HANNITY: All right.,, 15 days when the book "Live Free or Die: America and the World on the Brink". In Latin, "Live Free or America Dies",

This is — we'll outline what has made this country the greatest country God gave man, the history, Donald Trump's agenda versus Bolshevik Bernie, AOC, Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer, 125 years of failure, oh, and Bozo, the gun confiscator.

Let not your heart be troubled.

Laura Ingraham, hello.

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