Billionaire Ken Fisher Wants to Knock Out Wall Street

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While on the surface it looked like a calm week for the stock market, there was a lot of turbulence down below. Rising interest rates caused investors to rotate out of once high-flying momentum and growth equities in favor of beaten-down value stocks.

This week’s “What Goes Up” podcast breaks it all down with Ken Fisher, the author of 11 books and billionaire founder of Fisher Investments.

“It’s kind of like being a boxer,” Fisher explains. “If you’re a boxer, and you plan to never get hit, you’re in the wrong game. You never want to have portfolios extreme enough that when a little wiggle happens, people pull their hair out.”

“Everything that I ever do I’m trying to do so that I’ve got a counter-bet,” he says. “You’re supposed to build a portfolio that way in the first place.’’

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