Opera Will Take You From ‘Zero To Crypto’ With Ethereum

There are a number of ‘mainstream’ companies that are really trying hard to make Bitcoin adoption ‘ a thing’. Namely Opera, the company behind the Opera web browser, who’s recent moves have been seen as a huge boost to the future of crypto and blockchain technology. Opera is a web browser that is available across numerous platforms. Recently, the team at Opera have made a number of updates that have been designed to make cryptocurrency more mainstream, as a matter of fact, the new Opera for Android browser claims to make you ‘from zero to crypto’. Assuming this is a play on the catchphrase ‘from zero to hero’, we think that Opera want to make you an investment genius.

We should note that this isn’t the first time Opera have made huge moves to totally ‘blockchain-ise’ their web browser, recently the company announced a project designed to make interaction with Ethereum based dApps easier.

According to Cryptoglobe:

“Opera began its crypto experimentation with the introduction of a native cryptocurrency wallet to its Android browser back in July of last year, allowing users to use the new generation of decentralized applications being created on the Ethereum blockchain. The most high profile of these dApps so far has probably been CryptoKitties.”

Charles Hamel, the Product Lead for Crypto at Opera has said:

“We think that the next important phase for crypto will come from usage and that for it to reach wider adoption.”

Okay, the Opera for Android browser isn’t an international project just yet, however the new Web 3-enabled version of Opera for Android, available in Sweden, Norway and Denmark utilises current Android security and payment systems to allow for the easy purchase of Ethereum, as a result of a new partnership with Safello.

This works by utilising a system set up in Sweden, that means all transactions and login functions are banaked by BankID, a Swedish citizens information solution. This allows users to verify themselves before making the purchase of Ethereum.

According to Cryptoglobe:

“This new feature, which presumably is earmarked for a wider rollout beyond the immediate vicinity of the Opera team’s native Norway is a further step in its strategy to simplify the use of cryptocurrency. It will need to rely on different authentication protocols and conform to different laws as it makes its way around the globe, however, making the lead time for roll out unclear.”

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