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Udi Wertheimer, a diehard crypto enthusiast and coder has launched, an online crypto publication designed to promote all-things Ethereum, the underlying blockchain technology and altcoins.

Making Ethereum Great Again

Barely a week after the launch of, a platform whose creators claim is a pro-Bitcoin site focused on publishing write-ups that promote the interest of the entire cryptoverse, Udi Wertheimer has gone ahead to unveil, an Ethereum and altcoins-focused publication that claims to “highlight the varied uses of blockchain technology and Ethereum tokens for the betterment of Humanity.”

Per sources close to the matter, already has a comprehensive list of Ethereum advocates as well as open-minded cypherpunks as its contributors, including Tuur Demeester, Vortex, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, and Samson Mow, among others.

Explaining the reason behind his decision to create, Wertheimer stated:

“I wanted to bring together the best minds of our community for the promotion of a globally inclusive crypto ecosystem. Projects such as Ethereum, TRON, EOS, and XRP represent the best chance we have to educate the world on the merits of this liberating blockchain technology.”

A Divided Cryptoverse 

While Wertheimer’s comment may sound convincing enough, it’s worth noting that the ongoing division in the camp which was set up by Balaji Srinivasan, former CTO of Coinbase, may have prompted him to create

Reportedly, a good number of Bitcoin maximalists have already been kicked out of the official Telegram channel of the journal, without any reason.

Also, Tuur Demeester, a Bitcoin big whale and founder of Adamant Capital, who was initially added as one of the contributors to, has asked the organizers to remove his profile from the platform.

“PSA: My profile has now been removed from the contributor page. I initially consented to contribute, but after learning more I decided I’m not comfortable attaching my name to the platform,” Demeester tweeted.

It’s worth noting that lists some of the highly reputed members of the Bitcoin ecosystem as it’s contributors, including Jameson Lopp, Dan Larimer and Brian Armstrong, as well as some highly controversial personalities such as Roger Ver.

Twitter user @dailydevism tweeted:

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