Zug Valley in Switzerland says Hello to all crypto transactions

Switzerland Zug’s valley embraces all the cryptocurrency transactions

Among all odds of cryptocurrency, there is one place in Swiss valley that embraces all cryptocurrency transaction. That may sound very different news to you but it is the truth. Localites here in Zug Valley, Switzerland use cryptocurrencies transaction for transportation and other daily services and regular purchases without any problem. On the other part of Switzerland, cryptocurrency is a big concern for Switzerland’s regulatory authority.

Zug valley is considered as the hub of almost 200 Blockchain companies. These companies call for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) by attracting investors from all over the world. It is a treacherous topic to discuss as many people may be trapped by companies who may be masquerading to collect funds through ICO. Many cryptocurrency critics say that trend of cryptocurrency in Zug valley will ruin its reputation in a long run. Despite that fact that many regulating bodies in the world are introspecting in the matter or raising money through cryptocurrency model.

Because of the open mind of govt. and people living out there, cryptocurrency is in use for every transaction for regular purchases. That is why it is also called as success valley for cryptocurrency or Crypto Valley. The Zug valley is showing to Switzerland and to the rest of the world that how Bitcoins and Altcoins are beneficial in their day to day purchases. But as far as cryptocurrency is concerned, investors must possess high potential for risks. And also, ICO industry is vulnerable to flops, frauds and threats to the financial system. That may call a U-turn for prevailing cryptocurrency trend in Zug’s Valley.

The main concern regarding the reputation of Zug valley is that people are not aware that how money is processed when it comes to cryptocurrency. Most of the times, Altcoins and Bitcoins are associated with the criminal activities such as human trafficking, black money and so on. Some people don’t see the people kindly who invest in cryptocurrency and earn huge money from there. It may be due to the fact that people are jealous of early birds who spent early and earn a lot of money.

This is a question whether or not Swiss govt. takes any action regarding this. But, in future anything can happen and the cryptocurrency transaction may get affected. But today, Zug valley is the value added to the world of cryptocurrency.

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