XinFin’s XDCE tokens experiences high trading volume after getting listed with five major exchanges

Singapore based Blockchain Technology firm, XinFin is recording high trading volume after its listing on five major exchanges last week –,,, Forkdelta and

XinFin had raised $15 million USD equivalent from its successful initial coin offering (ICO) recently, which certifies the massive confidence of its international customer base on the evolving blockchain powered eco-space. XinFin introduced the ICO after creating a functioning blockchain platform and launching their first marketplace, TradeFinex. XinFin secured the commercial partnerships with global players like Ramco Systems and is already working in collaboration with experienced advisors like Mate Tokay, Roger Ver and Justin Butcher.

XinFin received great response globally. XinFin’s utility tokens will allow its users to convert their utility tokens with ease, and provide them continuous liquidity against Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum as well as local fiat currency.

XinFin is working in association with Ramco Systems ( ) in Singapore, who are a part of the major entity known as Ramco Group of Companies with $1Billion market value. Ramco Systems has chosen to collaborate with XinFin to implement blockchain solutions for more than 500 of its clienteles in HR, Supply Chain and Aviation.

XinFin unveiled their first blockchain powered trading marketplace, TradeFinex, at Assocham, The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (, and will accommodate the trading needs of 450,000 involved enterprise members.

XinFin has already completed 10+ pilot projects with more projects in the pipeline. XinFin is working on projects in industrial space like Banking, Solar, Tourism, Aviation, Supply Chain Logistics to implement customized solutions across business process re-engineering, financing, supply chain, reconciliation, procurement, settlement.

XinFin’s financial mechanism, TradeFinex, allow buyers to secure capital at internationally competitive rates, offer visibility to suppliers on global bids and user base.  It also permits financiers to have real-time visibility on their investments. One of the significant use-cases of XDC is Cross-border trade finance which caters to the $27 Trillion international market.

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