WIZZLE to Develop a "Bank-in-a-Box" for Buying and Selling Digital Assets

The WIZZLE team aims build a bridge between the new digital world and traditional products and services.

The Internet has fundamentally changed the world, but we have now entered the Blockchain Age. This revolutionary technology is gradually penetrating into all spheres of traditional businesses and our everyday life, so we have to adjust to these new realities. Due to the inherent global nature of this technology, it is also important that any solution work on a worldwide scale.

WIZZLE offers such a new financial standard of services, enabling mass adoption of blockchain technology by making cryptocurrencies globally accessible and acceptable for various financial transactions and payments in everyday life.

The WIZZLE platform will allow users to buy and sell tokens using traditional methods of payment and transfer between crypto and fiat currencies. This bank-in-a-box solution will be available for both customers and businesses. It will facilitate not only trading and managing cryptocurrencies but also payments in online shops and sale terminals, remittances worldwide, and even ATM operations. The WIZZLE solution can also be integrated by companies willing to accept cryptocurrency payments.

The platform is already operating successfully in the Netherlands, but the project developers highlight the importance of global network development. In light of this, WIZZLE aims to become a globally established service provider with a strong local presence. This will be achieved via a worldwide network of local franchises that will align the service to local needs and offer customer support in the native language.

Mark Noorlander, CEO of WIZZLE Global, says:

“Our goal is to make blockchain technology as accessible and simple as possible. We believe that a local presence is key to the adoption of blockchain technology so we have created an advanced platform, the WIZZLE bank-in-a-box, to provide users with a space where they can buy and sell tokens using well-known payment methods from around the world.”

WIZZLE ICO details

To finance its growing network of country operators, the company has designed the WIZZLE Infinity (WZI) token – a loyalty points token that can be earned using WIZZLE services.

The project has already completed the airdrop and pre-sale phases and has now opened the ICO, hoping to reach a hard cap of 30 million Euros. The sale started on March 1 and will last until April 13. The total supply of ERC20 tokens is limited to 5.1 billion, with 4.5 billion available for sale. The exchange rate of 1 WZI in the ICO is set at 0.01 EUR, with a discount for early adopters.

If you are interested in the ICO, you can visit the official website or subscribe to project updates on Twitter and Telegram.

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