Top 5 ICOs of 2018 Which Look Solid and Could Go Big

With successful ICOs, even a small investment can see wild returns. Here are 5 highly anticipated ICOs of 2018 to watch out for.

The doors are wide open to ICOs now, and the total haul of the market is upward of $5 billion. Some of the little-known tokens sold have seen stellar returns, and 2017 was the year that many millionaires may have been made through ICOs.

Picking the right project, with the best possible mix of marketing and technology, may make the difference between saying goodbye to your initial investment, or seeing it soar beyond belief. For 2018, here are five upcoming ICOs considered extremely hot, and possibly destined for widespread attention from investors.

#1: The Telegram TON ICO

The Telegram Open Network (TON) project sprung from the Telegram app, an ever more popular communication tool. The TON blockchain and token would be integrated into the Telegram app, instantly reaching 200 million potential users. The idea is similar to the KIN token for the popular Kik chat app. We will have to wait and see if the popularity of Telegram translates into success for the ICO, but right now, we expect at the least a very active token sale with proceeds far outstripping smaller projects.

With a recognizable brand, instant user base and worldwide adoption, the TON network and token may appreciate way above the discounted price at the initial sale.

#2: Kodak ICO

Kodak seemed like the perfect candidate to handle one blockchain use case: the ability to secure ownership of content through encryption and distributed records. This made the Kodak ICO attractive – despite some setbacks and organizational issues.

Yet if this token sale goes through and the asset survives, it has a high chance of becoming one of the go-to tokens, used by professionals. There have been many skeptics about Kodak actually adapting to the digital age, so this ICO should be approached with caution.

#3: Cointed ICO

Cointed is an already functioning company that is building an expanding network of cryptocurrency ATMs. The token sale would finance the expansion of the business.

The efforts of Cointed to make ATMs for Bitcoin and other assets more user-friendly, cheap and accessible mean that the whole crypto world would benefit. So supporting this ICO means success for the whole industry, and quite possibly, exposure and price appreciation for the Cointed token.

The project may see hurdles along the way, mostly with banking and regulation, but Cointed is certainly riding one of the big waves right now.

#4: ATF, or Agro Tech Farming

Crypto coins related to the cannabis sector are already numerous. But ATF is one of the companies that plans to supply the infrastructure for the sector. ATF is an already established Russian firm with a ready hydroponics product. The company has plans to make forays into the legalized medical marijuana sector in the USA and Canada.

But the secondary idea is to provide a suitable hydroponics system for organic farming.

The ICO, however, mostly relies on the “green rush” in the US market, and while it may achieve stunning price appreciation and be traded among the active and volatile cannabis coins, it still holds a lot of risk. And yet, it is one of those bets where transforming $100 into a significant sum may just turn into a reality.

#5: Envion

Mining crypto coins is necessary for security and the asset’s value. And yet it is becoming more energy-intensive. Enter the Envion project, which attempts to usher in an era of sustainable mining.

EVN (only by coincidence named like the European electricity company) tokens require an involved investor verification process. Some are worried about detailed KYC procedures, others believe they are the markers of a high-quality ICO. EVN tokens would be a play for serious users, possibly big mining pools, and participating with a small amount means buying into that risk with the possibility of significant returns.

Remember, all ICOs remain risky, and there are no guarantees for success. ICOs like KIN were among the most promising, but KIN not only failed to sell out, the token, out of regulation fears, has not been added to many exchanges, and trades around the ICO levels, with a rather small appreciation. 

If you want to read a more in-depth analysis of these top 5 ICOs, you can head over to this excellent Medium post by Kevin Benckendorf.

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