Tech Industries See A Huge Rise Due To Cryptocurrency

When most people talk about cryptocurrency, they associate friends of colleagues discussing the idea of investing in Bitcoin. What you might not realise is that the cryptocurrency technology is also creating jobs across a number of industries and skillsets.

Research conducted by job search site Indeed reveals that the number of job postings that mention the terms “blockchain”, “cryptocurrency”, or “bitcoin” have risen by a staggering 621% since November 2015.

Job listings for positions such as cryptocurrency analysts, blockchain developers or mining technicians are just some of the crypto-focused employment opportunities available.

In recent years, crypto-related companies have seen unparalleled levels of investment and growth, with money pouring in to fund new startups. Many cryptocurrency startups are also hiring new staff members in record numbers.

As it is still a relatively new industry, many companies won’t always require in-depth knowledge of blockchain or crypto technology immediately. In fact, many companies are keen to train the right talent and help them work their way up, especially if they have the right background and a genuine interest in the market.

There are numerous crypto-related jobs emerging on job listing sites, but there are also entirely new industries emerging that require new employees with blockchain or crypto-related skillsets.

Aside from new jobs being created for those people with strong tech backgrounds, there are also plenty of non-tech cryptocurrency jobs emerging. Marketing, business operations, legal, management, accounting, sales associates, reporters, and customer support roles are just a few examples of non-tech positions required in most crypto-related industries.

People considering entering into such a competitive crypto-related job market can help improve their chances of success by going in with as much knowledge as they can find. Even those seeking non-tech positions in the cryptocurrency industry can take advantage of having some knowledge of the environment in which they want to work.

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