San Francisco’s Citizens Can Now Buy Ice Cream With Bitcoins: See How

Have you ever thought about how to get ice cream delivered by Bitcoin Lightning Network? An innovative project was launched by the famous U.S.- based brand Ben and Jerry.

Three students based in San Francisco have launched a super exciting and actual project. They use the Lightning Network to deliver ice cream around the San Francisco’s area.

The project was developed with the aim of promoting among consumers the payment method based on crypto technology.

Rob Durst, the Co-Founder of Block and Jerry’s stated for CoinDesk that “We think that this is a motivating factor to jump into bitcoin and start playing around with the Lightning Network and getting to understand it”.

With this statement, the Block and Jerry’s enterprise joins other businesses that have embraced the Lightning Network. Today, there are over 1,000 nodes, which shows a significant increase of interested companies in this scalable technology.

Basically, we’re just a household of guys who are interested in cryptocurrency and creating web applications for people”, explained the developer Jeff Tang.

Besides the fact that Block and Jerry‘s team have launched the application, they have been able to create a step-by-step guide for those interested in installing and using the Lightning Network.

Rob Durst explained this: “We really are in the process of creating a very straightforward experience. ‘I want to buy ice cream, I’m not the most experienced bitcoin user or even computer user, ‘How can I jump in?”. The Co-Founder hopes that a lot of excited customers will be able to buy ice cream from their platform.

If you’re not making much money, and each dollar counts, I think end of the day you need a platform that offers cheaper, faster confirmations. And I think the Lightning Network can do this.”, concluded Durst.

About Block and Jerry’s products

The founders put up for sale three types of ice cream: Doge Food, Vitalik Garcia and Segqit 2X. Each of them costs 0.000612 BTC or $ 14.

Once you have chosen the desired ice cream and entered the suitable quantity, you must click on the “CHECKOUT” button. Here you need to confirm your order, after what you are requested to enter your delivery information including your address, name and phone number.

Please note that deliveries are realized only in the San Francisco region!

The entire project has the purpose to change the trader’s perceptions about how they can use the Lightning Network to involve crypto transactions in their businesses. The Block and Jerry’s platform will attract, for sure, the attention of investors and customers. It’s a modern way of developing and becoming different using a blockchain-based technology.

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