Safest Cryptocurrency Coins to Stick With Until 2020

In the end of 2017, a major number of investors has been added in the cryptocurrency market due to the increment of crypto values. However, while experiencing an unexpected descent, the market, started slightly losing short-term investors. Nonetheless, taking advantage of the current situation, there are still investors who are delighted to stick around and take the chance of using the fantastic opportunities given. In this article, we will look thoroughly at the safest cryptocurrencies that long-term investors should stick with until 2020.

1. Ethereum

Smart contracts are recognized as the main thing here. Opposing to other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum gives permission to users to automatically send payments when definite conditions are faced. This attribute, in combination with its professional profile, has a guaranteed luminous future.

2. Bitcoin

Might have heard this before, but still worth mentioning. The essential principles of Bitcoin can somehow be considered unaltered back from the days when it was reaching approximately valuations of $20,000 or even more. Thereby, there are still chances that it could climb to these levels all over again; therefore, if investors try to maintain a stability consisting patience and confidence rather than the cryptocurrency market as a whole, could make significant income.

3. Litecoin

Litecoin is also considered as one of the coins that has been playing a great importance in the cryptosphere, but has experienced quite instability lately. With the unpredicted movements of Ripple in recent months – becoming a big player on cryptocurrency market, Litecoin had its problems struggling to gain backing from the financial investors that had been giving more attention to Ripple. However, there are some indications that this kind of backing is expected to come, bringing back Litecoin as a strong candidate in the market.

4. Stellar

Constructed similarly to Ripple, Stellar is an outstanding cryptocurrency that aim smaller transactions. Build up on the same way, Stellar will use the same vigorous features as Ripple but with minor barriers to entry for regular users. Nonetheless, there is also the possibility of being a coin with mainstream use.

5. Ripple

As mentioned above, Ripple had smartly taken the opportunities given from the major members in the financial sector, but, however, there are some speculations that Coinbase has a plan on adding Ripple to its list of tradeable coins. This can be a chance for Ripple to be offered with new markets; also this will lead to a greater number of investors who will easily trade it.

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