OpenBlock – The revolutionary trading platform here to simplify your daily trading!

Openblock is a cryptocurrency trading platform which enables users to trade from anywhere. The platform offers automated trading with the help of a trading bot, OBI, specifically designed for users with basic or no knowledge about cryptocurrency trading.

Since users can’t keep a tab on the price fluctuations all the time with the crypto-market open 24*7, the automated trading platform provides assistance to all its customers by trading in the market on their behalf and makes sure the user’s investment is safe in the highly volatile market.

The platform has invested two years in researching and developing the trading bot, OBi that eradicates all the problems faced by users on a daily basis such as:

OpenBlock RoadMap

Along with the automated trading bot, OBi OpenBlock provides enhanced security, ability to handle any amount of transaction volumes at all times, faster transactions, user-friendly interface, an incentive for token holders and utmost privacy and transparency.

The OpenBlock team says,

“OpenBlock is built on a sustainable business model and intends to grow a formidable company in a short period of time. Stay tuned for more breaking news in the coming weeks ahead.”

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