OKExChain partners with Waves protocol to further its ‘decentralization vision’

After weeks of uncertainty, OKEx exchange seems to be back and up and running as usual. According to a recent development, OKExChain, an open-source, decentralized blockchain developed by OKEx, has announced a partnership with the Waves ecosystem for the creation of a cross-chain DeFi ecosystem and developer-friendly tools.

“To achieve deeper inter-chain connectivity, OKExChain’s partnership with the Waves ecosystem also involves — apart from the Waves protocol itself — two other protocols, Gravity and Neutrino…”

“OKT, the native token of OKExChain, can be used to provide economic incentives for Gravity’s users. For OKExChain developers, the Gravity protocol provides a handful of off-chain information that helps them to develop multi-functional applications.”

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