NANO (XRB) Back Above $10 on News of Twitch Payment Option

The XRB price is starting to shake off the BitGrail fiasco, as the developer team gives hope for the future.

The NANO (XRB) digital asset has resisted the falling trend of the markets, growing above $10 as the coin recovers from the blow of the BitGrail theft.

Still far from the peak at above $36, XRB remains attractive with a promise of more growth in 2018.

The reasons behind the recent rise in NANO are indications that the coin has managed to build a significant presence. At the moment, XRB trading, driven by Binance, has reached record volumes. NANO trading took just two weeks to pick up in earnest, on a much more secure exchange.

At this point, NANO is trading low, and may see more robust gains in the next few days. Binance trading sees hot assets rise to the top in activity, and this time NANO has become one of the leading pairings, surpassing the ETH/BTC pair:

Relatively low-priced coins are in demand on Binance, and as XRB trades near the lows, it has started to invite buyers once again.

But Binance will do another positive thing for the NANO project: the exchange will attempt to intercept deposits from addresses known to have been involved with BitGrail unauthorized transactions.

Thank you CZ. Your assistance in this time is much appreciated by us and anyone who potentially lost funds

— Zack Shapiro (@ZackShapiro) 10 февраля 2018 г.

Despite the claims that NANO has anonymous features, it is still traceable enough, at least when it comes to exchanges, where an address and an identity can be linked.

Cryptocurrencies and Social Networks

The relationship between crypto coins and social networks has lifted some assets from obscurity. Now, NANO has joined the selection of coins to serve for tipping and monetization of content.

A feeless instantaneous tipping on twitch… Teeka Tiwari could have picked $nano along with $gto if he knew what nano has accomplished today.

— CryptoOtter (@k1jin) 23 февраля 2018 г.

The usage of a coin for social networks helped lift up the ReddCoin (RDD), in addition to the McAfee promotion. Now, it remains to be seen whether Twitch helps XRB gain prominence. With Twitch, XRB coins would prove if the zero-fee model is viable.

With the addition of the Android wallet, NANO would become even more accessible:

Hey everyone, Nano Wallet for Android is out right now in Beta on Google Play! Go and get it! $nano

— Zack Shapiro (@ZackShapiro) 21 февраля 2018 г.

However, users are urged to be careful about a fake wallet on the app store. Previously, NANO has seen trouble with its old brand name, when a MyRaiWallet link attempted to steal private keys with the promise of storing the RAI Blocks asset.

Additionally, NANO is already sending out invites for its iOS wallet.

NANO and Coinbase?

The meetup of Zach Shapiro with Gary Tan of Coinbase has also increased the public profile of NANO:

Sneak peeks ? $nano

Thanks for coming by Garry! It was awesome to finally meet in person!

— Zack Shapiro (@ZackShapiro) 21 февраля 2018 г.

It is unknown if NANO would have a common business, or be integrated in any way with the leading US-based exchange service. But the meetup certainly speaks well about the team.

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