MoxyOne Allows an ICO to Issue a Debit Card to Their Holders by White Labelling Their Wallet System

The cryptocurrency growth has shocked a lot of people. It grew by 1800% in 2017 and had some coins which increased more than 4000%. We’ve also seen a lot of ICO launches, but some of the legit ICOs failed because they lacked an infrastructure. MoxyOne is an Australian solution for all the companies which transact/trade in cryptocurrencies.

MoxyOne aims to provide a seamless infrastructure to both users and the cryptocurrency makers. Any ICO or cryptocurrency such as Ethereum could use the platform and issue a debit card to their holders. They just need to apply for partnership, and white label the MoxyOne’s wallet system. There’s currently no such cryptocurrency or platform for this purpose. Let’s look into the features to know more.

Debit Card

MoxyOne’s debit card is similar to the debit cards issued by the Banks. However, they allow holding of multiple currencies. One can transact his Ethereum, SPEND tokens, etc. from a single debit card. To use the debit card, one has to install the wallet app and choose a default currency. The default currency would be used for the next transactions.


The MoxyAI is a smart feature available in the wallet. If enabled, it can help the users to retrieve the best possible FIAT value of their cryptocurrencies. We set a default currency, but, at the time of transacting there are chances that its value might have fallen or there would be a currency which would give you more FIAT value at that point of time. So, the AI will suggest you use that currency for your transaction for that time. Isn’t it brilliant?

SPEND token

The SPEND token is a support to the entire MoxyOne system. It’s created by MoxyOne to enable users with an instant usage of funds. Every transaction performed would be done using SPEND tokens. For instance, Withdrawing your ETH from the ATM? The process would be ETH to SPEND, SPEND to FIAT.

Multiple Currencies

A user can not just hold SPEND tokens in the MoxyOne Wallet. One can keep a lot of other supported coins. Although there’s no such update on the currency support, we expect all the top currencies to be supported by the wallet.

Multiple Platforms

The SPEND token is the backbone of the system, The company also plans to launch them on different exchanges. Launching on different exchanges would allow users to keep track in the pricing, trade with other currencies. They’re in touch with exchanges and plan to bring it to the sales come to an end.

Blockchain Solutions

The security of transactions is essential. That’s why the company has been in talks with Raiden Network and Gladius. Both those above are the leaders in the token exchange industry. It ensures that the transactions on the MoxyOne system would be swift and secure.

Instant FIAT

Ever wanted to convert your cryptocurrency into FIAT? The steps would have been Altcoin to Bitcoin and Bitcoin to FIAT. In some cases, there would be another step in the process too. It isn’t just time consuming but increases the transaction fees as well. MoxyOne allows you to withdraw your cryptocurrencies to FIAT at much lower fees and instantly. It’s as easy as walking into an ATM and withdrawing money.

The platform has several other features which make it different from other platforms. Their plan has been made in such a way that there are decidedly fewer chances of not meeting their target. If they don’t achieve their objective of 4,000 ETH, they’ll refund their money back after deducting some fees. Someone who plans to invest in the ICO will need to go through a KYC process. Once done with the purchase, the users will get their referral links – which they can share to earn free SPEND tokens. For more details visit: MoxyOne.

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