MoneroV to the Moon! What to Expect from the Monero Fork?

On March 14, block 1,529,810 will host the hard fork of Monero, the MoneroV. Monero holders will receive new coins at the ratio of 1 XMR to 10 XMV, provided that the users keep the Monero “locally” and not on the exchange, but in wallets, as the team explains. “If you thought of selling your Monero, get ready to hodl just a little longer,” the team advises in a post on Steemit.

As stated on the official website of the project, Monero’s cryptocurrency is private, untraceable, and safe. The developers emphasize that the forked currency, unlike the original Monero, will have a limited amount of emission of 256 million.

Bitcointalk forum users called the emission limit “an interesting mechanism change” and are interested in how this will affect the price. “We do not know what the value of the new currency will be, but we like free cryptocurrencies, do not we?” the project representative has commented.

MoneroV also promises to introduce new protocols for scalability, in particular, the MimbleWimble technology, which is scheduled for launch in Q4 2019 as per the project roadmap. In June this year, the team promises to release a simple GUI wallet (a Monero full node) and a web wallet.

In an official tweet, the project shared a meme describing MoneroV’s relationship to the original Monero: “We love Monero,” noting that except for infinite supply and “some other problems,” this is “still the best private coin at the moment”:

The community is actively commenting on the news of the project in social networks:

And someone even supports the fork with a slogan that was attributed to Bitcoin during its December surge:

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