Litecoin (LTC) Releases New Core Version

Litecoin once again shows the propensity for rather stable prices, and was the best performing crypto coin in February.

Litecoin (LTC) is becoming a high-publicity digital asset with a rather active development calendar. This time, the coin has a new release of the core version, coming a few days after the new version of Bitcoin.

The changes are mostly minor, but there are important updates to optimize block discovery and node resources. Updating to the new version is optional. One of the effects is the prevention of accidental forking by discovering competing blocks.

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Other changes include a disabling of competing wallets, as users would not be able to open copies of the same wallet at the same time. Miners would be able to set block size manually as preferred. But one of the most important features was another lowering of minimum transaction fees, with a view on lowering them even further to a minimum of 0.0001 LTC per kilobyte in the next release.

The recent publicity around Litecoin did not manage to boost the prices to record levels. However, in a dramatic month of shakedowns and corrections, Litecoin turned out to be an extremely stable asset, coming out ahead of the pack in terms of performance. At one point, LTC doubled its price against BTC, although now it is sliding again. But the asset has shown it can easily reach 0.02 BTC.


LTC moved up in February, from a low point around $120 to around $208.

The Litecoin Spillover Effect

The effect of Litecoin may spill over to other assets, as the community and the coin’s creator, Charlie Lee, are generally involved in promoting the usage and technology of crypto coins.

The recent mention of the NANO (XRB) asset by Charlie Lee had a positive effect on the price. XRB continued to grow, adding another 6% in the past 24 hours to $16.58. Yet some believe the influence of Lee is getting out of proportion, and may be adding to the volatility of coins by what could be considered “shilling”.

However, Litecoin Cash (LCC) has seen nothing of the love directed toward the “Chicken”, as LTC is sometimes called. The LCC market price has been sliding after the initial pump, to around $0.90, after losing more than 85% of its value within a week.

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