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Litecoin, the blockchain project in charge of the fifth largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap, has announced the release of Litecoin Core version 0.17.1. The update will enable users to send cost-efficient and fast payments, according to Medium blog post on May 6, 2019

Litecoin Upgrades

.As stated in its blog post, Charlie Lee’s Litecoin has launched the latest version of the Litecoin Core client, with new features, numerous bugfixes, performance improvements, and updated translations.

With the latest Litecoin version now functional, the team has stated that it is important for all node operators to upgrade to v0.17.1 as soon as possible. To upgrade to Litecoin Core v0.17.1, users are required to completely shut down the older Litecoin version, then proceed to run the installer (on windows).

However, Mac and Linux users are required to copy and paste the /Applications/Litecoin-Qt or litecoind / litecoin-qt commands on their machines respectively.

“If your node has a txindex, the txindex db will be migrated the first time you run version 0.17.1 or newer,” stated the team, adding that the process may take several hours to get completed and the node will not function until the migration is done.

Node operators who currently run 0.15 and are interested in downgrading it to older versions for one reason or the other, will need to run the old release using the -reindex- chainstate command to “rebuild the chainstate data structures in the old format.”

While the Litecoin Core v0.17.1 is compatible with multiple operating systems including the Linux kernel, macOS 10.10+, and Windows 7 or newer versions, the client does not support Windows XP.

Additionally, the team believes that Litecoin Core should also work on other systems powered by a Unix-like OS, though it has not tested them extensively.

Some of the known issues that have been encountered by users trying to carry out the upgrade include memory blow-up during the roll-back of blocks to SegWit activation point (when upgrading from 0.13.2 or older versions), and minor GUI glitches in the new MacOS dark mode.

While wallets could only be loaded or created during startup in the older versions, the latest Litecoin Core enables users to dynamically create, and unload wallets at runtime.  

The default minimum transaction fee has also been slashed to 0.0001 LTC/kb and the partial spend avoidance command has been added to increase privacy.

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