Holders Mentality, If You’re Sticking Around, You’ll Be Rewarded

This weekend, Twitter’s own @Crypto_Bobby published an inspiring tweet which has catalysed a discussion among many on the social network. The tweet talks to those crypto-enthusiasts who are sticking around despite the frustrating times we are seeing within cryptocurrency markets at present.

He refers to popularity being down by 60% since January, now I’m not certain that statistic is accurate but it’s not supposed to be, it simply just highlights that outside of the mainstream media buzz, less people care about cryptocurrency now than they did in January, because it seems like a less attractive industry, simple as that.

Why are we talking about this?

Well, I think this tweet is quite important, and I think we need more optimistic tweets like this. After the recent Fox article we commented on, among other depressive and regressive publications, it’s nice to see the general public, and users like Crypto Bobby using social media to spread messages of positivity.

So, in the pursuit of reinforcing my own argument, I turn to ‘crypto.inferno’ who has published a blog post on Steemit in response to Crypto Bobby’s tweet.

Rightfully so, crypto.inferno highlights that Crypto Bobby is right, those who are sticking around will reap rewards soon enough. A great comparison is drawn between the state of the crypto-economy now, compared to that back in 2014, when a (albeit much smaller) crypto-frenzy took place. Low and behold, what happened after that frenzy?

Exactly what we are seeing now, except a few years later, in 2017 to be exact, a big boom took place. The following sentiment has been nicely put by crypto.inferno:

“Bottom line, if you’ve got the guts and foresight to keep your head when everyone else is panicking, and to know that this is the time when fortunes, careers and lives are made: congratulations. You figured out something that at least 95% of the world never does. There’s a good chance you will play some small or maybe not-so-small role in the future of blockchain. Good luck!”

The general consensus between both of these discussions is that time will pay off. Time is hard to quantify, especially when you start stretching it over international borders, outside of physical space. But time is our friend. Use it wisely.

This, is the definition of the holders mentality, right?

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