Endangered species protection finds blockchain and Bitcoin love

The 66-foot blue whale that washed ashore the Chilean coast sparked a debate on the protection and support of endangered species. The blue whale is the largest animal ever known to have existed and only about 25000 are believed to remain.

Gabriela Garrido, a researcher at the Museum of Natural History Río Seco, was shocked to see people jumping on top of the dead mammal with some of them taking a selfie. Alessandro Roberto, an endangered species activist from Peurto Rico says,

“How can we protect these species from human beings? We are the biggest threat to our own planet. Today’s vandalism shows that before protection people need to be made aware and civilized behavior is the first step to protectionism”

Care for the Uncared (CfU) an NGO based out of Uganda have plans to introduce blockchain technology to preserve and protect endangered species which also include Blue Whales, Indian Tiger, Sea Otter, Asian Elephant, Giant Panda and many more.

Bale Kabumba, spokesperson for CfU spoke to AMBCrypto and says they are already working with leading blockchain developers from London to track, tag and record the health, geographic reach, movement patterns to better understand the species in order to protect them. They soon plan a Bitcoin donation platform in order for people to support.

Bale says,

“This record would be publicly accessible in the block and although the work is just beginning and the future is uncertain we definitely believe this will change the way we behave and interact with nature. This record will eventually help understand the determining factors in species extinction”

Albert Thomson, a blockchain developer from Berlin says,

“We need to a blockchain intervention here. It’s refreshing to see blockchain being used to enhance our environment rather than just minting money for everyone”

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