Could Electroneum Fly To $12.48 In 2018?

Chronic Crypto believes so.

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Okay so let’s break this down a little bit and explore how Electroneum could hit over $12 this year.

Electroneum currently stands at a value of $0.021 with a market cap of $142,061,112, at the time of writing the currency is up 0.76%. During the big boom, Eletroneum reached $0.20, still worlds away from the $12 target Chronic Crypto has set.

According to the video, the circulating supply of Electroneum stands at 6,666,436,426, six times less than the amount of Ripple XRP in circulation at present. Now, Chronic Crypto states that in order to achieve the $12.48 mark, Electroneum needs an additional market cap of $83.19bn. Yes, billion.

How can Electroneum achieve this?

According to this recent tweet from the Electroneum Twitter page, the company now have a patent pending status on their cryptocurrency payment design. This means the patent has not yet been approved, but it is well on the way to being so.

The Electroneum payment platform offers instant cryptocurrency payments without a centralised app on a decentralised blockchain. The speed of transaction approval will ensure that payments can be taken for real life objects within shops and real-life settings. The platform also offers cryptocurrency subscriptions, meaning users can subscribe to new investments.

Because of the pending status, this now means no new ICO’s can launch by using this design and that eventually, Electoneum may have a totally unique platform for cryptocurrency payments, should the patent be approved.

Chronic Crypto also believes that Electroneum is on the verge of being added to a number of new exchanges such as Binance and HitBTC in the coming months, additions that should see the value of the currency sky rocket.

Electroneum is the mobile cryptocurrency, they are focused on fostering a plain and simple platform for mining, exchanging and paying with Electroneum. Recent moves by the team highlight that there are big things to come and many advocates out there, not just Chronic Crypto, believe that it’s value will sky rocket soon. When it does, we could be looking at values exceeding the $12 mark.

This is not saying that indeed, Electroneum will take off instantly and of course any investments you make are at your own risk, but the planets are starting to look like they may begin to align for this currency, providing the patent for their new technology gets approved and providing its listings do evolve.

Let’s see how Electroneum is doing in a few weeks’ time, we’ve got an exciting outlook ahead of us.

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