Crypto Fish Token Prices Raised X2 as Fishbank Game Launches Beta

Alpha version of the new crypto collectibles game Fishbank served more than 100000 transactions with 1200+ ETH in total turnover on the Ethereum smart contracts.

Fishbank is a new massively multiplayer PvP (player-versus-player) game on blockchain with the sole aim to grow the biggest fish and dominate the “decentralized food chain”. Every fish is an ERC-721 token stored on Ethereum network that can be sold or transferred just like any other cryptocurrency.

The “Beta release” features list includes new fighting algorithm, faster cool down periods and a batch of new crypto fish species to catch. Players now are allowed to use special modifiers for crypto fish tokens to temporary boost their characteristics that brought a number of new strategies and much more fun in the game. Modifiers can be found in Chests and are also traded on the market, being ERC-721 tokens.

The game is in constant development and new features are added every day. That leaves no risk for the game not to be launched so all prices for crypto fish tokens were raised to 200%.

Alpha and Beta versions of Fishbank are running on Ethereum testnet, so that players don’t risk real Ether in order to try the game. Players may get test Ether from their friends or on special cryptocurrency faucet that requires posting of Ethereum address in social networks — that, of course, presented some limitations on the number of transactions made by 215 000 players initially registered for Alpha.

Fishbank had already gathered a huge hype around its Stable launch planned for 18th March 2018, with NBC Sports Radio host and producer Helen Yee and Italian national team rower and Olympic champion Stefano Oppo among the first Alpha players.

Anyone can pre-order certain fish species for the Stable release of the game now, 5% discount works till 10th March 2018. After the game is launched the only way to get a fish is to catch a random one (approx. 0.03 ETH for a try) or buy directly from other players on the integrated marketplace.

Partnership with Opskins, announced previous week will also allow trading of crypto fish tokens on the biggest digital game assets market with 10+ Million active users just like skins for CS:GO, PUBG and Dota 2.

The most powerful creatures in Fishbank game are Crypto Whales, they became available for pre-order just recently at prices starting from 15 ETH, only 100 Whales may be pre minted for the game — the chance to catch one in the game after its launch is near-to-nothing 1:1000000 that means there should be approx. 30000 ETH in tickets sold to give a birth to the new Whale.

Fishbank team recognizes its mission as creating a solid motivation to educate a wide range of users on how to use cryptocurrency and digital wallets in fun and convenient way. As it is stated in project Whitepaper “games always played an undoubtedly significant role in the early adoption of almost every complex technology” that is hard not to agree with.

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