CQG Expands Trading Destinations, Connects to Shanghai ‎Energy Exchange

CQG, a Denver-based provider of technology for integrating market data, technical analysis and trade routing, has expanded its list of direct trading connections to enable its clients to trade energy markets through connectivity to Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE).

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Effective March 26, foreign investors will be able to use CQG’s platforms, including its flagship CQG Integrated Client, to place orders and trade the new INE contracts. In addition, CQG’s latest connection will enable its Chinese users to buy oil contracts in their local currency, which allows them to employ additional trading strategies that were not ‎previously available‎.

CQG’s network of electronic trading gateways provide traders with market data, graphical analysis, and low-latency trading access to a global network of futures and options exchanges as well as fixed income and foreign exchange markets.

In addition, the latest connectivity strengthens the vendor’s push into the region, offering a significant destination for CQG China’s customers who want to capitalize on diverse global markets.

Kelvin Chia, Manager of CQG China, commented: “This is an important development in the oil industry as China continues to grow its involvement in the energy sector. We are thrilled to offer the INE to our customers as we continue to expand our global footprint and offering in the energy markets as well as in China.”

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