The course of NEM's crypto currency is growing after the resumption of trading at Coincheck

As expected, the price of NEM (XEM) has risen since the resumption of trading on Coincheck, which indicates that the price easing was temporary. XEM grew by 21 percentage for the last 24 hours, rising to the rate of 0,42 US dollar for one coin. The cost is still far from reaching its previous peak against the US dollar and Bitcoin.

Trading volumes have reached more than 122 million US dollars over the past 24 hours, and trade in Asian markets has the largest share. The growing price of XEM is at a time when markets are still unable to recover from the January sale. The recovery of NEM is still preliminary, and the price may roll back.

As trade resumed on the exchange Coincheck, the founder of NEM, Lon Wong, made an official statement on this issue:

"We had reasons for doubling the control of security measures and deploying all the necessary security measures in order to move forward. Together we can continue to create a reliable ecosystem for the future. "

But Wong noted that his fund can not promise control over third parties that use the digital asset XEM.

The Coincheck exchange could easily compensate for the break-in because of the huge profits from trading fees last year. The redistribution of 435 million US dollars for 260 000 customers could serve as an immediate profit at the guaranteed price of 0,81 US dollar.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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