You Can Now Have a Say in The CBOE Bitcoin ETF Filing On the SEC Website

Every government authority is mandated to hear the opinion of its citizens on any and all matters that will affect the country. This is usually done through representation in parliament or the senate or congress. There is also the option of getting the opinion directly from the people.

The United States SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has just done that and with regards to the recent filing by the CBOE requesting that Bitcoin ETFs be regarded as securities by the regulatory body. Right now, there are a little over 20 comments on the website since the authority opened a section for comments with regards to the filing.

As a member of the crypto-community, Ethereum World News saw it fit to inform crypto-enthusiasts and traders, that they can play a part in determining the future of the crypto-markets.

A vast majority of crypto traders believe that the Bitcoin ETFs will be a gateway for the high net individuals and institutional investors to get into crypto investing. Once the SEC classify BTC ETFs as securities, then it is all systems go for Wallstreet firms and high net individuals to buy crypto. The two categories of investors in the US, have remained on the sidelines of crypto investing waiting for some regulatory direction from the American SEC. The exchange known as Coinbase, has anticipated this event and has recently launched a storage service for digital assets for the said investors. This service has been dubbed Coinbase Custody and is raking in new clients by the day.

So how do you comment on the matter?

There are 3 methods of doing so. Please note that the file number for the BTC ETFs on the SEC website is SR-CboeBZX-2018-040.

Send 3 copies of your paper comment letter to:

Brent Fields, Secretary
Securities and Exchange Commission
100 F Street, NE
Washington, DC 20549-0609

Each copy must list the “File Number” for the rule. This is the number that begins “S7-” or “SR-”.

You can also express your opinion in the comments section of this article.

Thank you in advance.

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