Bitcoin Expected To Attain a New ATH by Oct 2020

Bitcoin Close To Test The $10800 Support Level

The world’s largest cryptocurrency which is currently trading at $10,625 with a positive change of 1.50 percent is expected to surpass the recent ATH level soon. Recently, Bitcoin had crossed $12000 mark but failed to find a support level above the mark. 

As Coinpedia had reported earlier that Bitcoin needs to attain $10450 support level to exceed $11000 mark. Currently, Bitcoin has achieved new support levels above the mark and hopefully would touch $11000 mark very soon.

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New ATH for Bitcoin By Next Month?

The current ATH of the digital asset is surrounding around $20000 which was attained in December 2017. Also, the current hash rate which has risen to all the high of 129THs on an 7-day average.

However, James A.Williams, Co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital has predicted a major bull run for Bitcoin. He said that Bitcoin will hit a new All-Time High(ATH) on or before October 31st, 2020.

#Bitcoin's hash rate rises to an all-time high of 129 EH/s (7-day average).

With 6-days till the next mining adjustment—the #BTC network is currently targeting a +11% difficulty change.

When asked for the base for the prediction, Williams said with more than two years of experience and some insights from Plan B. Plan B is an anonymous insight provider who has predicted a $100 trillion for a single Bitcoin in the future.

However, his prediction received mixed responses from the followers. Some of them hoped that his predictions to turn into reality but other half of masses doubted it to happen in just a span of a month. 

What do you think, will Bitcoin hit new ATH by end of October 2020? Tag us with your answer.

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