Binance Exchange hacked?

Attention! In many trader chats there was information that the Binance exchange was hacked.

From the messages of users it follows that at the moment the withdrawal of funds on the exchange is paused. This was preceded by reports that several Bincoin users have been transferred to Rthereum accounts.

At this time, everyone is advised to check their accounts. While there are no official comments and it remains unclear whether there is a large-scale hacking of the exchange or a massive phishing hack, because some report that. that calmly go into the office and withdraw funds.

But as they say, "who is forewarned is armed."

Binance – the problems were already there

Recall that in early February, the stock exchange once again unexpectedly went offline. Last time, problems were associated with a sharp increase in users, which necessitated unscheduled technical work.

Last time, the situation also prompted speculation about a break-in, and even John McAfee in his tweet spoke about it giving in to emotions, however later apologized for their behavior.

Let's see how the situation ends this time.

Author: Yevgeny Yakubenko, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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