Binance claims that after the attack, money will be lost only by hackers

Yesterday afternoon, the VIA / BTC market at Binance experienced abnormal trading activity, as a result of which withdrawal of funds on the exchange was suspended.

It seems that hackers could accumulate user accounts with phishing attacks. Hackers patiently waited for the right moment until yesterday, after which they began a coordinated attack. First they choose the VIA / BTC market because of the small volume, and then they place large orders for sale at high prices. After that, they perform trades on their victims' accounts, selling their Altcoin for Bitcoin, then buying VIA at high prices (and, apparently, the hackers themselves were selling VIA tokens).

Next Steps Binance

After their own investigation, the Binance exchange determined the 31 account, which, apparently, belongs to the hackers, and all the abnormal transactions performed in the VIA / BTC market will be canceled.

Moreover, since the withdrawal of funds is suspended on the entire stock exchange, VIA Coin, which hackers bought before the start of fraud, will be withheld by the exchange itself. The general director said that these tokens will be donated to charity.

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Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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