The Abyss DAICO: Secure Token Offering for Gaming Platform

The Abyss platform offers gamers, developers, marketers and other agents of the gaming industry an all-in-one, frictionless community. Insofar as it can be difficult for gamers to develop original and compelling video games, the same is also true for making this product stand out from the crowd. This second caveat has lead to massive expenditures simply for advertising.

As such, The Abyss “offers a groundbreaking motivational and multilevel referral system” for every node of the community to streamline collaboration and minimize costly marketing expenses. The team will lance their DAICO on February 7, 2018 and it will conclude on March 1, 2018.

An Emerging Platform to Solve Emerging Problems

While the gaming industry has already experienced a 12 percent increase in market size, there is still lots of room for improvement. Current leaders in the market, such as STEAM and ORIGIN, serve an excellent function for the gaming community, but have yet to provide an efficient platform for developers.

First, developers have to place their projects on a myriad different distribution centers before even hoping to attract a genuine audience of gamers. This spread across platforms is costly, and oftentimes limiting in terms of coverage and accessibility. Naturally, a singular gaming ecosystem, that also offers a wide audience, would be highly attractive in this market.

Developers would earn the attention they deserve for a fraction of the cost and gamers would have access to a wide array of quality entertainment.

Self-Sustaingin Ecosystem and the ABYSS Tokens

The ABYSS token offers an excellent solution to the above mentioned problem. The ERC20 supported token allows users to access, “a groundbreaking motivational and multilevel referral system, allowing gamers to earn from in-game and social activities, and other gamers’ payments as well.”

The passive income generated from referring new users serves as an effective motivation to organically expand the community. The referral system benefits developers as they are paid in ABYSS tokens for every new conscription to the community. These new users are also rewarded for bringing in other new users.

In tying the platform together, all members can earn ABYSS tokens from in-game achievements, content generation, and maintaining the internal CPA Network.

DAICO: Security, Transparency, and Flexibility

Following Vitalik Buterin’s recent proposal to amend ICO malpractice, The Abyss team will be conducting a DAICO. This model allows contributors more access into how a startup generates, distributes, and utilizes funds earned. The Founder of The Abyss platform, Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky said:

“DAICO provides tangible solutions to the ever-changing security needs and puts transparency at the center of innovation. We are confident in our capability to implement and improve Buterin’s idea. Our DAICO will be the perfect bridge between fundraising and team motivations control.”

In the wake of fraudulent ICO activity and regulatory crackdown, the DAICO fundraising concept combines aspects of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), with traditional features of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The result, “minimizes the risk of fraud, specifies contribution and resolution rules, provides an option to shut the project down (in case the team fails to implement it), and excludes various kinds of attacks on the voting process.”

Oracles, the arbiters of the venture, are likely to be hired in order to mitigate specific cases of project closure and funds withdrawal. As this position is both sensitive and critical to the success of the DAICO, The Abyss team will hire industry experts. Boyko-Romanovsky iterates the importance of flexibility and patience when it comes to nascent protocols:

“DAICO is a new mechanism, and there should be ways to further strengthen it while maintaining flexibility, transparency and security. Oracles and exclusive voting rules will do the job efficiently and reliably. Only project’s contributors will be granted a voting right. Controlled by the Smart Contract, the Company’s and Reserve tokens will not be eligible to participate with. We will utilize the proof-of-stake algorithm during the polls, but to make it impossible for the exchanges to take part, the weight of each Ethereum-wallet’s vote will be limited by a certain amount of tokens.”

Contributing to the Token Sale

Due to the introduction of the DAICO model, The Abyss team has thus cancelled the pre-sale and will replace the event with the main sale beginning on February 7, 2018 (15H UTC) and ending on March 1, 2018 (15H UTC). Interested investors are able to contribute a minimum amount of .01 ETH and a maximum of 10 ETH to the project. Only ETH is accepted for the main sale. Bonus tokens will also be distributed as follows: Day one (25 percent), days two to four (15 percent), days five to ten (Ten percent) and days 11 to 20 (five percent).

Contributors can also learn more about the multilevel referral program at The Abyss’s referral program page.

For more information about the experienced team behind the project, please visit The Abyss’s official website. The project is also very active on both GitHub and Medium.


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