The European company Wirex offered new debit cards with several currency accounts in GBP, EUR, USD and BTC. According to the media, the first plastic Visa cards have become available to UK users since 8 March.

The service should be available to customers in other EU countries by the end of the month.

Crypto-currency debit cards in Europe

Cryptocurrency bank Wirex launches new debit cards for its customers in the European Union. The new generation supports several currency accounts and comes with contactless payment functions, according to the company's press release. It is reported that the first new plastic Visa cards were issued on Thursday.

Updated Wirex accounts and new maps are available in the UK since early March. Users in France, Germany and Italy will be able to order cards closer to the end of the month. The launch date for other EU countries is reportedly 27 March.

Earlier this week, Wirex Community Manager Rafael Shalabi confirmed successful beta tests, both internal and external, with several payment processors. Tests were conducted with the purchase of goods from major Internet brands such as Amazon.

"The release will begin within 14 days depending on the country", – said Shalabi at the company's forum. He added that plastic cards have already entered mass production. According to him, their production and release will take another 5-6 weeks.

Three types of payment cards will be offered by the company – a virtual card, plastic, allowing contactless payments (originally in GBP, later in EUR) and a prepaid debit card similar to the original Wirex card (available for other currencies).

Answering questions about the upcoming launch, Rafael Shalabi said that he does not have an exact timeframe, but added:
"This is a top priority. I can only say that we are trying to launch them as soon as possible! ".

The company's website says that users can access their virtual cards immediately after registration, and the application for them is free. Ordering a plastic card now requires waiting in line for receipt. According to the manager of the Wirex community, people from this list will be in the priority of issuing cards.

They can be used for payments with crypto-currencies, as well as instant exchange between digital tokens and fiat money. The company claims that at present it is the only supplier offering Europeans the opportunity to pay for goods and services by converting crypto currency.

The company's slogan was the following:

"Buying goods on the Internet and withdrawing funds from ATMs has become much easier."

This was said by the General Director Pavel Matveev. He confirmed the integration of crypto-currency wallets accounts with Visa's non-contact debit cards.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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