3 Cryptocurrencies That Are Expected To Double In Value This Year

At the beginning of the year, cryptocurrencies took a turn for the worse, with them losing a whopping 67% of their market capital. However, there is still hope, and despite all of the risks, there is still hope that the following three cryptocurrencies will double in value.


Experts have predicted that despite being the second largest cryptocurrency by market capital, Ethereum will actually surpass Bitcoin by doubling in total value.

The biggest selling point that Ethereum has is its blockchain, which has three main differences that puts it in front of Bitcoin. It can process almost three times as many transactions per second, and they are much cheaper. A transactions costs less than $1, compared to Bitcoins $28.

It also transcends currency only applications, which has the potential to transform how financial institutions transmit money, and help monitor supply chains, creating digital identifications, and logging medical records.

Finally the smart contract protocols are a complete game changer for the cryptocurrency world. They are designed to aid the verification, facilitation and enforcement of a contract. The best thing is though is that they can be moulded to fit the need of the business, so they can be used in a variety of industries.


Nano is a very unique cryptocurrency, with a different blockchain. It runs on a block-lattice blockchain which means that each user can control their own blockchain. This gives the network huge scalability, which sets it apart from others.

Nano has the potential to process 7,000 transactions per second. When you compare this to Visa, which processes 24,000 transactions per second, it brings Nano closer to any other cryptocurrency to rival traditional payment methods.

Nano does require a peer-to-peer payment system though, and does not have any major partners yet; however, this is predicted to change considerably this year.


Qtum’s  blockchain takes the best aspects of Bitcoin’s infrastructure and Ethereum’s Virtual Machine, and has tweaked it with proprietary additions, which has created a blockchain that is capable of incorporating smart contract protocols, whilst remaining compatible with Bitcoin gateways and existing Ethereum smart contracts.

At the beginning of the year, they announced that they would be announcing five major partnerships in 2018. They have gone on to announce two already; one with 360 Finance, which will allow them to create cutting edge blockchain solutions. The second, is with Baofeng Bokocloud, in order to achieve the world’s first blockchain consensus network service.

These two partnerships in themselves could cause Qtum to flourish, so with three still to be announced, big things are expected to happen.

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