10 Reasons Why EOS Will Radically Change The Crypto World

EOS is currently showing potential as one of the world’s most exciting crypto projects – and with good reason. In this article, we’re going to look at ten reasons why EOS will radically change the world, and why you should consider investing:

1) EOS will launch with the ability to do 25,000 – 50,000 transactions per second. This is scalable up to millions, making EOS a rapid way to do business.

2) You cannot lose EOS. As a privacy coin, EOS cannot be stolen or otherwise taken via unscrupulous means. What’s yours is yours, and with complete transparency each transaction can be accounted for.

3) EOS is great for holding. You don’t have to spend EOS if you simply want to use it as an investment, and you’re guaranteed to make money simply by holding.

4) There’s an incentive to own EOS. If you own 1% of the tokens, you essentially own 1% of the network, storage and transactions. Holding what it costs to use services allows you to access services without transaction fees.

5) You can rent out unused EOS to other people to use in ways that you don’t. For example, to promote social media posts and encourage shares or likes.

6) EOS functions like digital real estate. You can use percentages of your EOS as capital to do new and exciting things while still retaining your coins.

7) Token holders nominate the block producers for a truly decentralised, open-source experience. If block producers aren’t doing a good job, they can be voted out, incentivising them to perform better.

8) EOS facilitates the alignment of interests of the beneficiaries and the decision makers, which could create a radical shift in the way business is conducted.

9) Scaling disagreements are avoided, which means there will be no hard forks. There will always be a way to reach consensus.

10) Airdrops (free tokens) incentivise businesses and individuals to utilise EOS technology.

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