Amazon is using AI in almost everything it does

(CNN)Alexa, you get me.

The voice-commanded AI bot that turns on lights and delivers the morning headlines in the same monotone, transactional fashion may soon respond to orders with a hint of compassion.
The operating system developed by Amazon received an initial skills upgrade on Wednesday giving it a range of emotional responses, the company announced on its Alexa Skills Kit blog.

    Alexa, it said, can now respond with a “happy/excited” or “disappointed/empathetic” tone.
    It’s hopeful the new voice skills will help create the illusion of a more “natural and intuitive voice experience.”

    The company said on its blog that the new capability could be used for tasks like mimicking a news anchor reporting headlines or a radio host offering new music.
    But hang on, don’t scream “Alexa!” yet. The feature is limited to developers, who will be able to start working it into Alexa’s various functions. A date to release it to the public has yet to be determined.
    Amazon might be working on a smart watch that can sense your feelings
    Alexa’s new emotions can be delivered in three different levels, ranging from low, medium, and high. The emotional responses use a technology referred to as Neural Text-to-Speech, which converts written text into synthesized speech and shifts in temp, pitch and volume.
    In two demos released by Amazon, Alexa quotes a line from the book “Flower of the North: A Modern Romance” by novelist James Oliver Curwood. While upbeat and bright in the first demonstration, Alexa sounds more melancholy in the second.

    Alexa Emotions: High Excited

    Alexa Emotions: High Disappointed

      The company said initial feedback was positive.
      During some “blind listening” tests, respondents said the voice mimicking a news anchor was 31% “more natural” than the voice we currently know and love, while the radio host voice was 84% more natural.
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