Subsidiary company Alibaba uses Blockchain in logistics

Giant Chinese Internet commercial company Alibaba announced that the implementation of Blockchain technology has been successfully applied in Lynx International.

According to Beijing News, Blockchain technology is different from other digital systems, in an interview with this publication, Lynx technical manager Tang Ren said:

"Although the concept of Blockchain is new, it has a very wide range of uses. We firmly believe that this Internet technology, and not a tool for speculation in the foreign exchange market. "

"Through the data of the logistics loaded by companies, customs and other parties, consumers can cross-certify their own information about the purchase of goods".

Thus, Blockchain technology will support the safe storage of the necessary information related to logistics activities, namely data on the delivery, production, transportation method, verification and participation of third parties.

With Blockchain, customers will be able to more safely, in detail and quickly view all the necessary information about the products that they have purchased on the Internet. Consumers will be able to check the source of the product and its originality.

Alibaba and Crypto-currency

According to the company, they are not going to cover the crypto-currency industry. In December last year, the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, said that he personally was not interested in the crypto currency.

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