An Insight into the SkillGaming Market

Still, the growing popularity of computer games not only supports the development of the computer game industry but also stimulates developers to continuously search for new game solutions and profit sources.

The rapid creation of mobile applications and new gaming platforms has made it possible to call the mobile sphere the most significant digital gaming platform, with its revenues in 2016 exceeding the former leading segment of the PC games. According to the marketing research by Newzoo, 2017, the mobile segment will account for 42% of the global game market revenue, which equals to $ 46.1 billion. The undying interest in computer games is what lies behind the drive of the constant creation of new game genres and styles (for example, such as Battle Royale, Skill Gaming, etc.). The expectation is that by 2020, the world’s game market will have reached $128.5 billion, where $ 64.9 billion will be attributed to the mobile games segment.

In the regional context, the Asia-Pacific Region countries continue to dominate the game industry, comprising 47% of the industry. China solely accounts for slightly less than a quarter of the world’s gaming revenues, which outruns the US and exceeds the same figure for Japan twice. According to the preliminary data, gamers will generate a global revenue of $108.9 billion in 2017, which is higher than the figures on 2016 by 7.8%.

Rapidly gaining ground Skill Gaming PvP games seem to strengthen their position in the near future. According to some experts, the Skill Gaming share of mobile gaming accounts for about 5-6%, which equalled $2,3 billion in 2016. Moreover, it is expected that Skill Gaming market volume will have reached $3,9 billion by 2020.

Online Skill Gaming platforms, existing at the moment, have adequate liquidity in terms of the number of players. They are also at relatively low risk as compared to traditional sports betting, which explains the constantly increasing number of such websites. It should be noted that most of the online Skill Gaming websites are only present at local markets and target their local audience, which means that PlayHall platform will have the opportunity to enter free foreign markets, satisfy the demand and scale up at a fairly rapid rate.

Thus, a further development of the most promising mobile games, particularly Skill Gaming, is of interest to both developers and users of any type. It provides new opportunities for profit as well as for self-fulfillment and skill improvement.

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