Cardano Foundation investigates the threat of quantum computing

The technology Blockchain and crypto currency can be to some extent under threat. Quantum computing is perhaps the biggest problem. The Cardano Foundation and the Z / YN Analytical Center recently published their findings about this potential public-key crypto-currency threat.

Quantum computing is the next logical evolution in the technology world. They allow faster computing and unprecedented computing power. At the same time, this technology creates problems for public-key crypto-currency.

Cardano is one of the crypto-currencies focused on creating quantum-stable solutions. In particular, currency developers will support additional schemes in the future. Securing crypto-currency and Blockchain by quantum computing is the main priority at the moment. Specifically, this project takes precedence over security and compatibility.

One of the main reasons why Cardano is so attractive is the extensions that allow you to add additional signature schemes via the softphone. With such a focus on quantum computing, any level of security can be added without disrupting the network.

The chairman of the Cardano Foundation, Michael Parsons, said:

"As part of our extensive research company Blockchain in conjunction with Z / YN, we are studying a number of issues. The topics under consideration are promising in nature, and the possible impact of quantum computing on Blockchain is an example ".

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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