Three Cryptocurrencies To Buy On The Dip

It’s been a rocky couple of months for cryptocurrencies. Their move into the public spotlight led to enormous gains in the closing months of 2017. A correction has now hit and while it’s not completely clear how things will pan out, it does look like there’s a chance for smart investors to make some money. Here are three cryptocurrencies that we believe you should consider buying on the dip.


It may be the one that everyone’s talking about but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an opportunity here. Bitcoin’s place in the public consciousness means that it is one of the biggest movers. If there is good news for Bitcoin in the coming weeks and months then it’s investors stand to make a fortune. It is entirely possible that the currency could double in value in a matter of weeks or months. It has happened before and could well happen again.


NEO has dipped somewhat later than other cryptocurrencies. This means that there’s an obvious chance of a rebound relatively soon if it is simply lagging the pattern set by other cryptocurrencies. At a current value of under $90 per coin, it is a relatively small investment for traders to get involved in.


It’s the platform that makes EOS one of our Best Buy suggestions. Quite simply, EOS has a platform that other people want to build on. This means that there’s a chance that coin scarcity will eventually become a serious issue for EOS, significantly pushing up the price of purchase and benefitting all initial investors. At the moment, the value of each coin is low. If we eventually see Bitcoin like levels of growth, then it’ll be well worth picking up a few coins now at under $10 each.


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