Robert Herjavec Says Bitcoin Will Double In 2018

Bitcoin prices can be rather hard to predict, and often there’s no way to say which way the frequent price fluctuations will go next. However, there are many commentators who believe the price of Bitcoin is set to double in 2018, and they have a great deal of belief in the currency. One such commentator is the star of TV show ‘Shark Tank’, Robert Herjavec.

Robert is the CEO of Herjavec Group, and although he himself is not an investor in the cryptocurrency he sees big things coming for Bitcoin in 2018. In an interview with The Street, he predicted that Bitcoin prices might even exceed $19,000 this year. He also stated that he feels as regulations come out, as will be necessary as cryptocurrencies become more legitimate, the prices may fall, but on a long-term basis, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

He also spoke of the importance of protecting yourself against theft when investing in cryptocurrencies. This is something that has been spoken about frequently as investing in Bitcoin becomes an increasingly attractive option.

If the current trend is followed, then the possibility of Bitcoin reaching a value exceeding $19,000 this year this isn’t an unrealistic expectation. In the week leading up to February 19, Bitcoin reached a market cap of more than $480 billion by Friday. This meant that prices per Bitcoin were actually as high as $10,293.44 in trading on Friday. Whilst there are some aspects to Bitcoin price predictions that are fairly speculative, one thing that can’t be challenged is the fact cryptocurrencies are going from success to success. It really does seem, as Robert Herjavec puts it, that Bitcoin (amongst other forms of digital currency) is here to stay.

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