Lightning Network launches 1000 active nodes in Bitcoin network

The Lightning Network network has transferred 1000 active nodes to the Bitcoin network, which was an important step in the mash-stabilization process.

Data from monitoring resources for 12 March show 1003 node in online mode with record highs in the 1892 open channel.

During the publication of news, many speculate on the technical progress of LN developers that the first version of the protocol for the network will soon be officially released.

Lightning Network has achieved significant growth, both on its test networks and on the setting networks. Despite criticism from some authoritative supporters of Bitcoin, the number of nodes that want to join the new network continues to grow.

Criticism focuses on technical problems, pointing out that the network is not sufficiently developed to handle transactions in mass use without the possibility of losing funds, since there may be loopholes in the network.

Will Bitcoin Cash become obsolete against the background of the Lightning Network?

However, LN, as a solution for scaling out of the network, was praised last month by Microsoft. The techno giant said that it would approve network solutions such as larger blocks offered by Bitcoin Cash.

In connection with the latest news, social networking users quickly reacted and pointed out that with the help of new technology it is possible to achieve faster and cheaper transactions, which will make the Bitcoin Cash system obsolete.

Mass introduction of SegWit also reduced fees and waiting time for transactions, but this support was not given special support. More information about LN can be found by going to this link, infographics created by Duval Union Conslting.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crytpo News

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