Junseth’s World Episode 29: Subpenis Canarius

This week’s episode of Junseth’s World is named after what we think is a legit legal term — and as usual the panel of Junseth, Dante and Shaun has regulation on the brain. Listen as the conversation lurches from gun control activism to mining and energy subsidies, Stellar’s tech industry popularity and Binance’s awesome hacking defenses. Where does it all end up? You’ll only ever know if you listen right to the end.

When Bitcoiners Strip-Mine Your Town

The crew asks why “bad for the environment” is now accepted as a valid argument against proof-of-work (POW) mining in mainstream thought. However, that’s not to say POW mining is, er, good for the environment — or your hometown.

“Mining will turn your community into a butthole,” says Junseth. “You don’t want (bitcoin) miners in your area”. What does this mean, exactly? Listen as he and Dante launch into a fierce game of analogy tennis over this “tragedy of the commons” problem — what constitutes moral use of energy, what’s wasted, and who should get to decide how consumers use the energy that’s at their disposal?

The masters of extrapolation at Junseth’s world use their economic and political experience to paint pictures of marauding energy pirates, governments that decide what you can watch on TV, “graphics shaming”, decentralization through taxation, and why they’d really just prefer to be Chinese.

Junseth weighs up all the stakeholders’ needs, while Dante just wants to be left alone, using his household energy to farm his Bitcorn Crops.

To hear all this and a few hours more, listen to Junseth’s World.

For the Uninitiated: WTF Is Junseth’s World?

Dante and Junseth 

JW hosts Junseth, Dante and Shaun are Bitcoin’s Florida Men. It’s the podcast that may or may not be using bath salts as it tries to eat your face.

Spawned from the greater Miami area blockchain scene, the controversial media team embody that region’s unique approach to business. They’ve seen and done things for Bitcoin you probably never imagined … and some you wished you could un-imagine.

Somewhere in the banter, you actually get a good education and some surprisingly useful insights into the world of finance, trading, business and economics. Subscribe to the entire series on Soundcloud.

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