John Oliver Bitcoin Episode Full Video here – All you need to know about the episode!

The host of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver dedicated a segment for Bitcoin. He vents out on how annoyed and pissed off he is to see Bitcoin emerging out of the darkness and claiming to be the new fad!

He attempts to educate everyone about cryptocurrency and how Bitcoin has exploded last year from around a thousand dollars to nearly $9000 by November 2017 and over $20,000 by December.

There is a video explanation on what is Bitcoin by a guy dressed as “Bitcoin”.

Beanie babies which are priced at $15K gets compared with Bitcoin and he argues that because the owner thinks someone will pay that much for it everyone accepts it.

He even talks about the popularity for the term ‘Blockchain’ which according to him has seen threefold increase in some stocks just because of the inclusion of the word “Blockchain” in their name. A lot of companies actually rebranded themselves with the term “Blockchain” in it although it had nothing to do with blockchain. He gives an example of ‘Long Island Ice Tea’ who renamed themselves to ‘Long Blockchain Corp.’

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