Indian exchange Unocoin adds Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and more to its trading platform

Indian trading platform Unocoin recently evolved to an exchange platform like its other Indian counterpart Zebpay. Unocoin had already opened the exchange format for certain customers a week ago. They added Ethereum, XRP Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Bitcoin Gold to their trading platform.

Although certain traders had access to it before, Unocoin rolled it out to most its customers just 48 hours ago. Unocoin in its recent emailer to all its customers stated that there would be a 0% fee until Feb 28th to trade any coin.

Raghav Menon, an Ethereum investor from Mumbai says,

“This goes against what the media has been stating about the country banning cryptocurrencies. Unocoin and Zebpay both have varied tokens that you could currently trade. It opens up the crypto market to the country now I just hope the Indian government does not break something negative in March”

Post Arun Jaitley’s statements on the budget day, multiple media outlets went out and proclaimed the Indian government “banned” Bitcoin when the real story was about the government actually wanting to stop illicit and illegal trading practices using cryptocurrencies.

Money laundering and investor protection being the major concern, the government had clarified that there would be no “ban” on cryptocurrency trading but only more stringent regulatory checks.

Gaurav Mishra, a Restaurateur and a Bitcoin investor from Bengaluru says,

“These are signs of the Indian market opening up and accepting cryptocurrencies, where there is demand there is supply”

AMBCrypto reached out to Unocoin but they were unavailable for a comment.

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