GDAX announces full support for SegWit

GDAX, the trading division of Coinbase, today announced that it will implement full SegWit support for the Bitcoin transaction in the coming days. The protocol update is aimed at making transactions faster and cheaper for BTC users.

GDAX is the last of the main players in the crypto currency industry, which offers support for Segregated Witness. Today GDAX made an announcement using a blog:

"We are pleased to announce that GDAX now supports SegWit transactions on the Bitcoin network. In the coming days, full support for Segregated Witness transactions will be available to all our customers. SegWit is an important step in the development of Bitcoin, and we are very pleased to support it on GDAX. "

GDAX continues to announce its intention to provide customers with the latest Bitcoin update. They claim that they are currently working on additional scalability improvements to help further reduce fees and increase network bandwidth. These include "batch processing of transactions and management of UTXO". In addition, GDAX offers to contact them and try to become their employee in the New York or London branch to people who are interested in working on scaling protocols, such as the Lightning Network.

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