Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] – Tale of the top two cryptocurrencies

It looks like the golden days of Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] are back. The cryptocurrencies have been seeing a consistent high since yesterday. According to Price.AMBCrypto, Bitcoin is currently trading at $8093 with a market cap of $137 billion and has seen a significant rise of 6.23% and Ethereum is currently trading at $514 with a market cap of $50 billion and has seen a significant rise of 11%.

According to trading view, Bitcoin [BTC] has seen a growth of $1,000 and is continuing to be in green, it went from trading at $6943 to $8070 today. Ethereum [ETH] has seen a growth of $81 in the past 24 hours, trading from $429 to $510 today.

Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] have been going green continuously for the past 3 days but yesterday’s jump placed the coins trading at their all-time high this month. Yesterday’s jump had Bitcoin trading at $7912 from $6940 and Ethereum [ETH] trading at $493 from $429.

Many market experts believe that the cause of the sudden high might be due to the tax day coming to an end along with the sudden interest it gained from the big wall street players and countries adopting the technology and coins.

Jake Kent, a crypto-investor, and trader says:

“The coins have definitely emerged from the bear’s grip. If it continues to bull, I’m sure will be trading at $10000 within the next few days.”

WhyDontYouTryIt, a Reddit user, and a Bitcoin investor says:

“I believe it will go down again. But not back to 6500. People have seen how easily it can rise again, they will use the next dip to buy in before it’s too late. At least that is my plan for my next purchase. So, I’d wait a few days for a larger dip. But I could be wrong. The price is really unpredictable”

Michael Halbig, a Twitterati says:

“Too fast too high – we have another big down leg ahead of us. People have obviously not yet capitulated. Not a base for a big rally to new highs.”

Racheal Clark, an Ethereum investor and trader says:

“The market looks neat for ETH at present. I’m 100% sure it’ll go back to trading above $900 by the end of this month. This is why everyone should hodl, you’ll never know what might happen next.”

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