Binance CEO Zhao Hails Google Crypto Ad Ban for Phishing Clean-Up

With the wave of bans against cryptocurrency ads on major social media platforms as of late, the dynamic seems to have acutely cooled-off mainstream interest in the cryptoverse. One person’s not complaining though: Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. Why? Zhao says the move is crushing phishing sites, recently the bane of the space. 

Zhao: “Search Results … Clean and Crisp”

Changpeng Zhao is a vocal CEO, leading top cryptocurrency exchange Binance from the front by consistently setting the tone on Twitter.

And, speaking of Twitter, the company has followed the recent lead of Google and Facebook and is now banning cryptocurrency ads as well.

Though many of these ads were sketchy, their prevalence across the top social media heavyweights’ platforms is widely attributed with helping fuel the bull run of late 2017. Now that the ads are gone, so too is mainstream interest in general, it seems, amid the ongoing bearish cryptoeconomy downturn.

In his typical style, though, Changpeng Zhao let it be known he’s seen positive results already. On Twitter, the young CEO just specifically referred to Google’s ban, saying it’s cleaned up phishing sites in the space:

It’s an interesting point that not many have considered yet. There’s no telling how many untold troves of digital assets have been compromised over the past few months by phishers manipulating the naivety of even veterans, much less crypto rookies.

Mainstream interest may be down temporarily to that end. But steady and healthier growth can come now if scams can’t drive, and capitalize upon, their ploys as extensively as before.

Security, Security, Security

Over the past several weeks, Binance has rocketed into being one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

With that said, the exchange now has a huge bulls-eye on its back, which has made Changpeng Zhao extremely security-minded in his latest public comments and initiatives.

Between phishers, DDoSers, and other nefarious agents galore, Binance is surrounded by a target rich environment. Which is why it’s no surprise Zhao is vocally supporting Google’s crypto ad crackdown and recently announced a $10 million anti-hacker bounty for the community.

He wants to play offense, not defense.

What’s your take? Have you personally noted a decrease in phishing endeavors in recent days? Sound off in the comments below. 

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