Will Litecoin [LTC] ride the wave to a bullish market or will it fall further?

Litecoin [LTC] is seeing a continues dip since the past few days and is currently valued at $207.73. Market experts and investors say that this dip might continue or it might lead to an all-time high depending on the Bitcoin market.

Marketer specialists speculate this current fall could be attributed to uncertainty in Litecoin’s Litepay. Litecoin’s value had jumped in the early part of February with the news about LitePay and LitePal.

Shooter MvDarren, a Twitter user has explained the scenario and says,

Shooter MvDarren supports this theory

David Schwartz, another LTC investor says,

David’s Tweet on Litecoin

Another Twitterati, Litecoin AL, a Litecoin enthusiast says,

Litecoin AL Tweet on LTC

While most of the LTC investors are looking at the bright side, there are some investors who think that the market is not going to rise from the Bearish market anytime soon.

Karl Mcmallen, an LTC investor says,

“It’s not time yet for LTC to boom back in the market. According to me, it’s going to hit its all time low and then only will it shine brighter than ever.”

Spacehuuman, a crypto-space observer says,

“If you’ve noticed the trend properly, then you will know that LTC has been played into a ‘pump and dump’ market. I think it hasn’t reached a proper dip yet for it to pump more than its previous benchmark.”

Litecoin is the second most popular coin after Bitcoin and some refer to it as “pay for coffee” Litecoin. It currently ranks 5th in the market with a cap of 11.1 billion USD. Even though it’s unclear on how the LTC market is going to turn out to be, the markets are very optimistic of Litecoin’s potential growth given the two new payment systems which would be revolutionize things further.

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