TenX Set to Launch Litecoin Debit Card

After disappointing news for litecoin users following the failure of LitePay, Charlie Lee recently highlighted that litecoin-branded debit cards would soon be made available via TenX.

Right from its inception, the mantra for TenX has been to create a robust cryptocurrency payment platform, with the goal of making it easy to use cryptocurrencies in the real world. To this end, the TenX platform encompasses bank accounts, ATMs, physical debit cards, wallets and many other features.

The TenX ICO raised about $67 million in ten minutes, from the sale of 200,000 ETH. The funds raised from the ICO were for the development of the platform’s cryptocurrency-powered debit card, banking license application, and the creation of the Comit protocol.

Litecoin Support on the TenX Wallet

In a blog post published on the TenX Medium account, the platform announced that it had added support for Litecoin (LTC) on the TenX wallet service. This new LTC support is available for both the iOS and Android TenX wallet apps. This move is in line with the platform’s goal to support cryptocurrency assets across multiple blockchains.

The post also revealed that LTC support had already been added to the platform a week prior to the announcement. The addition was made to ensure a much more organic adoption rate while final live testing activities were still being done. The team at TenX will be using this same approach when dealing with new coin integrations to ensure organic adoption rates, stability, as well as wide availability.


Upcoming Litecoin Debit Card

With major credit card companies refusing to accept cryptocurrency transactions, it is perhaps incumbent on crypto companies to develop blockchain-powered alternatives. Crypto debit cards are a major interest point for TenX and, as such, the platform is in the process of striking a partnership with the Litecoin Foundation to develop a co-branded TenX and Litecoin debit card.

Speaking on the move, Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin posted a tweet announcing the news and urging Litecoin fans to be on the lookout for future updates. TenX hopes the proposed debit card will become the payment standard for litecoin holders.

Latest Blockfolio Updates

The PAY token, the native token of the TenX platform is now a default coin on Blockfolio. This update is visible to new users of the Blockfolio app. Blockfolio is an integrated cryptocurrency asset management platform. It allows for easy tracking and monitoring of a user’s cryptocurrency investments. Users of the app can easily check price movements and other important market data for single cryptocurrencies or their entire cryptocurrency investment portfolio all at once.

Commenting on the new update, Edward Moncada, the CEO of Blockfolio expressed delight at the fact that TenX is one of the platforms participating in the pilot Blockfolio Signal Project. He said that the Blockfolio Signal service has the potential to provide industry leaders like Dr. Julian Hosp with a platform with which to broadcast useful updates to their token base robustly and efficiently. Dr. Hosp is the Co-founder and CVO of the TenX project, while the other co-founders are Toby Hoenisch (CEO), Michael Sperk (CTO), and Paul Kitti (COO).

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