Rising Stars in the Altcoin World

It’s difficult to judge a coin at the beginning as you have no idea how many people it’s attracted and how many of the people investing in it actually think the coin has a chance.
Given that, if you’re just looking at a coin to trade or a coin that you’d like to support, here are some upcoming cryptocurrencies that may be wildly successful in the future.


Last year, Monero wasn’t looking good at all. It was stagnant at a low price, but if you’ve been trading cryptocurrencies in the past few months, you know the coin has gone up tremendously and quickly, from nothing to almost 0.025 BTC. The coin was chosen for use on a dark-net market for its Ring signature that automatically mixes coins and makes payments even more anonymous. This news caused traders and regular dark-net users to hungrily purchase Monero. The results were a fast and huge spike in price; the price hasn’t gone too far down yet, but we expect the coin will level out at a good 0.015 BTC. This is not as high as when it was at its peak, but still high enough that people will still regularly use the coin. A coin that automatically mixes its transactions is quite odd, and may be something added in other coins as well to ensure security.


When its ICO started in 2014, the coin wasn’t looking good, and people thought of it as just another trash coin that wasn’t going anywhere. Ethereum did gain quite a lot of support through its ICO though, and the initial supporters have since gained significant profits if they sold are still have investments to date. This is because Ethereum has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world! The coin is now praised
for its smart contracts that allow its users to create complicated strings of code that execute immutable commands. This feature isn’t found anywhere else in the cryptocurrency world, and so the coin has become popular among almost all cryptocurrency users. In addition, it is convenient to use and it allows young talents to do what they love by developing almost anything. You can make almost anything with Ether’s smart contracts, and the creativity that the coin allows is a major factor in the success of the coin.


The least known of the three cryptocurrencies we’ve just listed, Iconomi, is a new startup coin created by a European company called Cashilla, which was very successful in Bitcoin-based payment processing. The coin’s ICO is still going strong, and they’ve raised 5,030,535 USD as of now. The coin looks promising to lots of investors, and the coin even promises high profits in its whitepaper and on its homepage. Iconomi aims to provide not only an easy way to purchase Ethereum through traditional payment processors, but they also aim to provide security and trust to their investors and users with smart-contract grade security, 24/7 access to purchased assets from day 1, and groundbreaking new transparency. This is all under a strong, Czech National Bank registered company. The coin’s not yet been launched officially, but just by looking at the ICO, Iconomi will be a very successful coin indeed.


There are several factors used in judging coins. Given that, the three coins we’ve listed are either performing very well or are looking very promising. We highly recommend that you do your own research and find your own way to be successful in trading, but if you’re interested in making more profit, we advise a consideration of our recommendations.

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